Kuch der…

Kuch der ke liye

Poonam ka chand

Meri mutthi mein tha;


Kuch samay ke liye

Mukkamal jahan

Meri jholi mein tha;


Kuch dinon ke liye

Aap ka haath

Mere haath mein tha…


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8 responses to “Kuch der…

  1. romance in the air? 🙂

  2. Short and sweet. Good one.

  3. Simple.. yet beautiful…
    subtle yet powerful… 🙂

  4. me

    raat hai dhali
    jholi hai khuli
    aur vo haat
    dekhte dekhte hi
    phisal gayi

  5. preetichaturvedi

    it really has a feel dear….

  6. priyaiyer


    nope. 🙂

    @sushil and aparna

    danks! 🙂


    wow! exactly what i wanted to convey!


    welcome here! thanks! 🙂

  7. Ahhhh….looks like a nice poem.

    [Somebody translate the poem pls!]

    he heee…

  8. priyaiyer


    a very rough translation:

    for some time, i held the full moon in the palm of my hand,
    for some time, i had the whole of the world in my hands,
    for some time, you were with me, i held your hand in mine.. (ie the time spent with u was the best period in my life)

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