An irritated post

Yesterday was one of those days when I was irritated to the core. Why? I was travelling by the local bus service when I saw a poster stuck inside the bus. It pertained to a child who went missing a few days ago. It contained the name, address, contact details, etc. of the child, as well as a photograph. Only the face of the child had been very carefully scratched out from it.

I couldn’t help but feel the pain the child’s parents would have felt, had they seen the poster. It would probably have felt like reaching a dead end to a road they had hoped would take them to their destination. It would have felt like a light going off suddenly, deserting one in darkness, when one had hopefully followed the guiding light in the hope that it would perhaps lead them to their destination.

Maybe I am over-reacting, but I could not help feeling a mixture of anger, disgust and pity for the perverted attitude that led to such an action. My heart goes out to the child and his family.


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6 responses to “An irritated post

  1. //Maybe I am over-reacting//
    No. Its indeed a sadistic action on the part of the person who did it. It takes quite a deal to earn one’s trust and please others but it takes hardly any time to hurt people.

  2. maybe the person who took it thought he/she might have recognized the kid and took the photo just to be sure?

    nah, whom am I kidding.. lets be irritated together now :-\

  3. Wait.One possibility is that – the one who removed the face might have got irritated having helped for one such ad that was fake..the second time reaction will be like this only.

    But if it is not that case…then its bad

  4. it iss indeed very sad..

  5. one cannot go around getting affected by every mishap of life.. it’s good that u feel so, but then.. c’est la vie..

  6. priyaiyer


    yes, rahul is right. one cannot go around getting affected by every mishap of life. but such sad incidents do affect me, though sometimes it might be only for a few seconds or hours…

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