Looking through the window


It was still early in the evening and the dinner crowd at Hotel Regent had not started coming in yet. Only a few tables were occupied.


They sat at tables diagonally opposite to each other. She was with a huge group of friends and he was with his parents.


He envied the rich, exotic dishes that the waiter brought to her table. He envied the huge sundaes that she and each of her friends held in their hands. He envied the wad of currency notes that she pulled out of her large purse and counted, in the midst of a chat with a friend. Shards of conversation drifting in from their table made it clear that it was her treat – she was treating her friends for something. When would he be able to treat his friends in such a fashion? His mouth almost filled with a bitter taste as his thoughts drifted. Why should life be so unfair? Why should a girl almost the same age as himself have so much money to spend? Why should he, a young, school student, having his own peer pressure and desires, be deprived of such luxuries? Why could they not afford such things? Why did they have to wait for an occasion, such as his father’s birthday today, to dine out? When would they rise to the high class from the middle class? Would they ever be able to order from the menu in a restaurant without being conscious of the price of a dish?


She couldn’t help noticing the sweet, old-fashioned way the boy and his parents seemed to eat their dinners. They seemed so close to each other, and so happy. She wondered when would she be able to dine out the same way with her parents. When would her parents find time for her? When would they start giving her more importance than meetings and parties? When would she stop coming home to cold dinners and notes stuck on refrigerators? When would her parents stop substituting money for their love? 


PS: I have been pottering around with my camera a bit these days, trying to learn photography. Here are some of my attempts. Would love to have your comments.



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21 responses to “Looking through the window

  1. I wrote a similar post some days back. !!


    There is an old saying which goes like this “The grass is always greener on the other side of the river”

    nice post


  2. Appearance sometimes can be deceiving. There might internal turmoils in the lives of the boy in your story and his parents that we do not know. I always thought my neighbors were a happy couple, until they filed for divorce not too long ago.

  3. Nicely written.

  4. Aah.. The ironies of life… Beautiful.. Real nice.. 🙂
    Whats with the font size though??

  5. Arv

    Hi Priya,

    Life feels like heaven, if only, we could learn to be content with everything we have, however little it is, and learn to enjoy all those little moments every day.

    nice message and well written…

    Have a nice day, cheers…

  6. swat

    I loved the Marina pic 🙂 Way to go 🙂

  7. priyaiyer


    read your post. was really heart touching, and very sad…


    thanks for visiting and for the comment.

    that is precisely what i meant. the boy did have inner turmoil within himself – he was not happy with his financial condition, but it was not apparent externally. the girl was wealthy and happy outwardly, but she was unhappy too, on account of lack of her parents’ love.


    danks! 🙂

  8. priyaiyer


    thanks. 🙂

    dunno what’s wrong with the font size. dunno how to bring it back to normal. 😦


    welcome here again. thanks. 🙂


    appa! the first person to comment on the pics! 🙂 thanks…

  9. hmm.. checked the photos..

    ‘Asopalav’ is the best among them.

    there was some camera shake in ‘Law Garden’. You can try using a tripod, or may be keep the camera on firm ground. rock steady hands are a little difficult to have. 😉

    try using other features of ur cam – play with b/w, sepia, readjust shutter speed and aperture. try different angles instead of always standing and keeping the cam in front of the eyes..! looks like u don’t have much optical zoom! but still ‘parrots’ and ‘marina sunset’ came ok.

    that’s all for the free advices.. 😉 good going..

  10. priyaiyer


    thanks for the ‘free advice’. appreciated it. 🙂

    i m still a kiddo in the world of photography, and m very much learning. will try to keep ur suggestions in mind.

  11. Good thought. And what camera do you use?

  12. priyaiyer


    thanks. 🙂

    as for the cam – its a canon powershot A460….

  13. Simple ones. The more you try with camera and faster you understand how a photo would look good. Shoot as much you can in Digicam and delete it after analysing it.

  14. priyaiyer

    @vijay ganesh

    yep, thats precisely what i am doing now…

  15. Story is really very nice…and photos are ok..

  16. priyaiyer


    thanks… 🙂

  17. Loved the take of the girl here.
    So much laughter hiding such pain, I think I pity her more than the boy.

  18. priyaiyer


    maybe, yes, me too… 😦

  19. As for pitying, yes, the girl clearly goes through ‘real’ pain. The boy might realise later that true joy does not lie in merely having a fat purse. There is a lot more in life.

  20. priyaiyer


    yep, true… 😦

  21. Has anyone tried the combination of vadai and puliodharai they give in temples? Awesome. No five star hotel can match that. I am frequenting that particular temple, of late. I sometimes wonder, if we get more pleasures spending little money but we still want to have the luxuries that lot of money brings us. Wonder if money is a double edged sword.

    Destination Infinity.

    DI, welcome here! 🙂 nope, i have never tried vadai and puliodharai together. sounds good. 🙂 and i agree with you on your statement that the amount of pleasure you get from a thing does not depend on the amount of money you spend on it. simple, inexpensive things are the best in life. at the same time, luxurious things, things obtained by spending a lot of money, too have their own pleasures. 🙂

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