The 3 mistakes of my life

Finally, I am done with reading Chetan Bhagat’s new novel ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’. And, as usual, I am here to rant about what I found in the book and what I didn’t.

I had been reading this book for more than a week, which is too much, by my standards, for a Bhagat novel. Both his earlier books – ‘One night at the call centre’ and ‘Five point someone’ – were devoured by me in a single sitting, in one day max. I couldn’t put them down, but this – I put down many a time.

I used to believe that Chetan Bhagat = Humorous light reading + Simple and beautiful narration of an otherwise average story. On these counts, this book disappointed me. I missed the typical Bhagat style of narration. The storyline is good, but I somehow felt Bhagat has not written this piece with as much heart as he did his earlier two books. Maybe it is because I couldn’t help comparing this to his earlier works. Also, I had huge expectations from this book, at some level because it is a tale woven around my city – Ahmedabad.

I would not like to put down any writer or, for that matter, any creative person, as I know how much effort goes into a creation. But this book is in need of some serious proofreading. We are not ‘Ambavadis’, we are ‘AMDAVADIS’. 😐

Like his two other books, this book also has youth, which translates to a lot of cuss words, booze, an affair. It also has love-hate relationships, a lot of melodrama and a typical Hindi movie-type ending. I am not saying that everything about this book is horrible. Some parts are very well-written and effective. The description of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2002 Gujarat riots, the hero’s friend’s love for cricket and the country – all these touched a chord. On the whole, it is an OK-ish book. A you-don’t-miss-anything-if-you-skip-this-one kind.

PS: 1)Orbis Terrarum Challenge Update : I could not find PG Wodehouse’s ‘Love among chickens’ anywhere. 😦 So I’ll be reading ‘Aunts aren’t gentlemen’ by Wodehouse instead.

2) I agree with Mr. SN – Tara-rum-pum Challenge does sound way better than Orbis Terrarum Challenge. 😀



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26 responses to “The 3 mistakes of my life

  1. it shud be spelled as Orbis Terrarum,pum challenge..thats how i read it first time…seriously

  2. Bhagat somehow is too fast a writer a for me 🙂

  3. I did a post on the book sometime back too.. It was too bollywoodish, had very little impact. Somehow it was not a book I would say I enjoyed much!

  4. Well this book was totally dumb. I have given a review about the book and also I have mentioned one of friends blog link in the post. He did a little research and found some creepy things in the book. 😉

    You can view the review at

  5. Is not it with the most of the writers/film makers etc. who win hearts in the first attempt in a big way, and disappoint later? I think I expected this from Mr. Bhagat this time.

  6. The reason might be, a first time writer writes because s/he has a story. Which flows naturally. But in the subsequent attempts, s/he writes for continuity, for a living, for fame etc.

  7. priyaiyer




    not really. i used to love his narration…


    me too! will check out your review…


    creepy things-aa? will sure check out. thanks for the link…


    i think u hav a point there. might be true….

  8. actually didnt like his second book too.. so lets how this one has shaped up 🙂

  9. priyaiyer


    oh, second book as in ‘one night…’? i loved both his earlier books, for the sheer simplicity and beautiful narration.

    do let me know how u liked this one…

  10. reading the three mistakes was the fourth mistake of my life 🙂

  11. priyaiyer

    @iyer edu

    🙂 which were the first three? 😛

  12. What else one can expect for Rs.95 by the way?

  13. priyaiyer

    @vijay ganesh

    not really. his two earlier books were also similarly priced, and they were too good. and i didn’t mean to say that this book was pathetic… it did have its good parts too, but somehow i felt let down….

  14. Oh, I hated his second book, haven’t tried this one so far
    And Aunts aren’t gentlemen is one of my favourite P.G. Wodehouse books.
    And the challenge looks interesting, do give your thoughts on each of the books 🙂

  15. priyaiyer


    welcome here! 🙂

    i liked both bhaggu’s previous books, this one – not so much. do let us know ur thoughts on this one if u do read it.

    yes, the challenge is definitely turning out to be fun. i am enjoying it. I still have 7 books to go out of the 9 I have taken up for reading.

    I am really waiting to lay my hands on Aunts aren’t gentlemen. I am sure it would be great fun.

  16. Santosh

    can i have a soft copy of dis book ????
    is yes , where can i get it ???

    Thanks in adv.

  17. priyaiyer


    i am not sure, but you could try searching on

  18. hi
    i am agree with your views
    its totally written for business purpose
    now a days its trend as well as a big business to publish a book
    neways keep it up

  19. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome to UP! 🙂 thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment.

    yep, writing a book seems to be the in thing nowadays. maybe someday i’ll do it too! 😉

  20. //maybe someday i’ll do it too!//
    We are all waiting to read 🙂

  21. priyaiyer


    rombbbbbbbbba kashtam! 😀

  22. shweta

    i dont think that book actually had a melodrama or something like that…n regarding love people always expect him to skoe so,n believe me the way he predicted it was not very easy

    CHEERS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    i found the book quite high on melodrama… anyways, to each his own! 🙂

  23. Chandan

    well.. it all about expectation after reading “5 point someone” our expectation was very higy for “one night at call center”
    Which was exactly opposite to our expectation.
    now when expectation are low.. this book is pretty OK types..
    bollywoodish.. but few circumstances really realtes with ur real life experiences.. and u chuckle on that…. can be read.. sort of book..

    maybe you are right… i did have huge expectations from this book after reading the previous two. 😦 i rather liked ‘one night at the call centre’, though many people liked his ‘5-point someone’ better…

  24. chirayush

    The book is not at all absorbing. It drives nothing home really as compared to his book `One night at the call centre which leaves so many good points and areas and was truly absorbing. Not putting the author down but it appears he gets lost in the various incidents and the story goes awry. One can frankly skip the book if not read.

  25. priyaiyer


    welcome here! 🙂

    i didn’t like this one, too. didn’t leave me with the same feeling as his other two books – one night at the call centre and five-point someone..

    truly, it is a book that can be given a skip, not putting the author down..

  26. nice blog dude keep up the good work:)

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