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This post was originally published about a year ago on my Blogspot blog. Then, it was pulled down by me for various reasons. I now see no reason for this post not to be published. So, here I am again with it….

This post is dedicated to those great employees who do fultoo timepass in office and still manage to get work done! 🙂 It is an inspired work of fiction and the characters exist nowhere else but in my imagination. If any character bears a resemblance to someone you know, ……. well, just let it be. 🙂 No offense meant to anyone, so please don’t take any. 🙂

Official time – 9.30 A.M.

A walks into the office at 9.50 A.M., punches in her name and enters her department.

A- Good morning everyone! (Every one says good morning.)
B(a close friend of A)- Hey, why so late today?
A- Big tragedy, yaar. Don’t ask.
B- Why? What happened? Every day, being around 15 minutes late is fine. But today, when you were so late, I thought something must be wrong.
A- Arre, I got up late today. My mom-in-law had not done anything at all. I had to do everything and come. That is why I got late.
C(another close friend of A and B)- My ma-in-law is also like that sometimes, you know? They do it on purpose. So that we get late for office and get fired.
A- Yeah, yeah. She wanted to prepare Bhindi for dinner yesterday, but I said we should have Gobi. My husband also wanted to have Gobi. So finally Gobi it was. That is why she retaliated today.
B and C(in chorus)- Oh! How mean!

After that, every one works quietly for about half an hour. Silence reigns.

After half an hour (in which work apparently gets done):
D(another friend of A, B and C)- A, wanna come down to stretch your legs?
A, B and C (all together) -Yeah, yeah. Good idea.
A- Oh! I am so tired of doing the same thing again and again!
B- Yeah, it happens you know? When you are doing repetitive work, you need a change from time to time. Even my doggie needs a change.
C- Oh really?
B- Yeah, he wants us to take him downstairs for a walk atleast 4-5 times a day. And he gets fed up eating the same thing every day. He needs a change every couple of days.
A- What did you give him today?

B- For two days, we gave him cubes of paneer, but today he just refused to eat it! he just smelled it and went away!
C-Then? What happened?

B- I gave him some biscuits. He ate that. Oh, and we were all eating icecream last night. He insisted on having some too.
C- Oh, how sweet!
B- Come on yaar! Let us go down!

And all four of them go down, to return after about half an hour.

When they come back, D is telling C, “Didn’t I tell you that S in XXXXX department is having an affair with N in YYYYYY department? Did you see, both of them were sitting together downstairs?”
C- Yes, yaar. Really, it seems serious.
D- Of course it is serious. I knew that right from the beginning.
A- N looks much better than S, don’t you think so?

B- Of course, yaar. God knows how N fell in love with S.

(They all giggle and get back to work. For some time, silence reigns again.Then C’s mobile rings and she goes outside to receive the call.)
B- That must be C’s husband.
D- My husband never calls me at all….
B- All husbands are like that.
A- Yeah, before marriage,my husband used to call me 6 times a day. But now, he calls me only to tell me that he’ll be late from work.
B and D- Husbands! Husbands!

They work for some time, till C returns after having finished her call. Till then, around 20 minutes have flown by.

C- My mom-in-law called. She told me to get some grocery on the way home from office.
B- Why can’t she get it herself?

C- Exactly. She is free the whole day.
A- I don’t know what pleasure our moms-in-law get from harassing us.
C- Really, yaar.

15 minutes later:

A- Come on, it is time for lunch.
B, C and D- Yeah, let us go…

Lunch stretches from the official time of 1/2 hour to 1 hour, with several important topics under discussion such as doggies, icecreams, cosmetics, moms- and dads-in-law, husbands, dresses and chappals.

After innumerable discussions on diverse topics, several phone calls and a few, brief periods of work thrown in in between, the day comes to a close. A, B, C and D shut down their PCs.

B- Ok yaar, I have to leave fast. There is a long list of things pending for me to do at home.
A- Oh, for me too….
D- I have to cook today. Ma-in-law is going out for a kitty party.
C- Yeah, me too. And I have to buy grocery on the way too.
B- I am so tired yaar. After putting in a day’s hard work, we have to cook too..
A, C and D- Yeah, everything is so unfair…

And they disperse, to come back and start another busy day….

UPDATE: This is my last day of work with this firm. From the 15th of July, I am going back to the place where I really belonged – here. I am honoured to be called upon to be part of this wonderful group again, with all due respect to my present organisation.

Cheers all you great people out there! WIll be amongst you pretty soon! 🙂

Wish me luck! 🙂


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4 responses to “Office office

  1. Arv

    naan ennanu sollaradhu… 🙂

    no comments…

    have a nice weekend da… take care…

    🙂 thanks. u have a nice weekend too!

  2. Thats nice. Summarises what goes on in office 🙂 And wish you luck:)

    🙂 thanq! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Sooper..So sweetus and shilpies will be back. ??!!! 🙂

    yep, they will! 🙂

  4. Shilpi Sharma

    Welcome back Madam
    and all the very best to you!
    see ya

    danks! 🙂 🙂 🙂 cya soon…

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