Amma verses

Carry your umbrella to work, with all due love and care, and it rains not at all,

Carry it not with you, and rain it will, and soaked will you get,

Wet you get to the core, not that you mind,

But the height of the fun is when THAT look you get,

From the home minister,

Two words does it say : “Told you!”,


Rummage your cupboard, look for that dress, in the early-morning rush,

You will find it not,

But when Amma puts her hand in,

There it lies, just on top!


PS: Ammas rock!!! 🙂


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18 responses to “Amma verses

  1. Seriously, same between me and my Amma also 🙂


  2. Tell you what, I was thinking of exactly this today morn 🙂 Yes, sometimes coincidences become too hard to explain 🙂
    Btw, I didn’t get anything out of your first bit the first time I read – and then somehow I read the second, understood it and re-read the first and got it 🙂

    well, coincidences do happen! sometimes, strange ones! 🙂

  3. hehe! Amma sure does Rocks!

    where did u get them from… these verses i mean 🙂

    🙂 yep, ammas do rock!!
    as for the verses, me made ’em up!!! 🙂

  4. Arv

    Hi Priya…

    They are absolutely the best… 🙂

    I remember them from my school days when my mom did them 🙂

    Have a nice day and take care…

    me too, me too! 🙂

    you have a nice day too…

  5. Shucks how much I miss these moments !! 😦
    Nobody to tell to dry that wet hair after getting soaked and offering that hot ginger tea !! 😦 now you yourself need to move your hands if you want something 😦

    😦 i take it you are staying away from your parents because you are married.. or are you studying?

  6. s w a t

    ammas do rock!! 🙂
    PS: I did get drenched in the rain today ‘cos I didnt take a jacket, much to my mum’s annoyance!

    they do rock!! 🙂
    And the coincidences happen again!!! :O :O :O

  7. The dupattas!!! They need motherhood as a password to reveal themselves!

    et tu, brute? 😉

  8. I read this and then saw the title.
    Amma verses ~ Amma vessal ~ Amma veyyal (read in colloq tamil)



  9. Ammas rock..totally agree 🙂

    including the big amma Mrs J 😀

    Mrs. J toh totally rocks!!! 😛

  10. “Rummage your cupboard, look for that dress, in the early-morning rush,

    You will find it not,

    But when Amma puts her hand in,

    There it lies, just on top!”

    Aah, that keeps happening to me 🙂
    And they are the best.

    you too? 🙂 i thought i was the only absent-minded one… glad to know i have loads of company!! 🙂

    and yes, they are indeed one of the best things in life…

  11. Well always been away from home ; initially due to job and then marriage came along 🙂

    oh, i see..

  12. lol… Very true 🙂

    🙂 btw, welcome here..

  13. Veens

    good going girl 🙂 u sure did translate them neatly 🙂

    erm, translate??? :O

  14. The second scenario happens to me almost everyday!! And its not just limited to dupattas or salwars.. It even stretches to a whole lot of things. 😛
    Like Suchitra says.. the password is always Amma.

    you too?? cool! now, when amma gives me THAT look again, i can safely tell her – I have loads of company!! 😛
    for me too, its not only about dresses, but about a lot of things.. 🙂 the home minister always knows exactly where each thing is..

  15. Nice! You sure have a way with words, just like the way amma’s have wways with their kids. 😀

    thanks, benly! that was nice of you! btw, welcome here.. 🙂

  16. On ur PS: Mummy 3 sucks, unlike all Ammas 😀


  17. Beautiful verse with a lovely idea…….Hats off to Mammas!!!!They surely are the best. Hey Priya…this differs completely from your previous stuffs.

    thanks, priti.. yes, moms are indeed the best..

  18. pritiahuja

    imagine our plights if god had not made moms the way they are!

    gosh! i can’t even imagine.. 😦

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