“I am not perfect.”

“Yes. But WE are.”


‘Perfection’ is the word that comes to mind when I see this video:



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11 responses to “Perfection

  1. Veens

    I can’t get the video to play 😦

    I will chk back later

    oh! that’s sad! do watch it… it is perfection personified.. 🙂

  2. Me

    Wow! Pudhu template!!!

    Pudhu Snoopy, Pudhu Template…orey dance video?? Enna vishayam? mm-mm? mm-mm-mm?

    oru vishayamum illa pa… 🙂 variety is the spice of life, you know! adhaan!

  3. I didnt watch the video. But this is Pyaar ki yeh kahaani from Honeymoon travels, isnt it ? 😀

    BRILLIANT DANCING ! Man! I wish i had toes like those of Minisha’s and I wish i had a handsome partner too 😉 (No, strictly no Abhay deol for me 😛 )

    yes, ma’am.. it is very much ‘pyaar ki yeh kahani’ from ‘honeymoon travels’. 🙂 the dancing, the music, the synchronisation, the love between the two – everything is just perfect!
    i wish i could do that too… abhay deol will do for me.. 😛

  4. s w a t

    Aaawww, mush mush and more mush 🙂 😀
    Thanks Priya, I really loved it. Did you find this somewhere or is it your own one?
    If it’s yours, then I bow to thee!

    yes, more mush… 😛 on second thoughts, it is applicable to friendship as well.. 🙂
    i the wrote it… ayyo, bow ellam vendaam ya! i m the orey the flattered! 🙂

  5. My inspiration to learn Salsa 😀
    And that quote is awesome….just loved it!

    thanks! the video says it’s tango… me has absolutely no idea… whatever it is, its brilliant! 🙂

  6. nice video..
    Abhay deol does act in somewhat offbeat movies which is appreciated.

    thanks! 🙂 i haven’t seen any of abhay’s movies, but i have heard that his movies are offbeat… got to catch up some time.. 🙂

  7. The quote is awesome ….
    About video Dance is not my forte 😀

    thanks! 🙂 dance is not my cup of tea too, but i love watching it.. and this i just adored.. 🙂

  8. Veens

    yah!! i loved it the first time i saw it too 😀

    ohh.. how i wish.. **sigh**

    the first time i saw this, i was like sitting up straight with my mouth wide open and eyes unblinking, saying ‘WOW!’… loved it at first sight!! 🙂
    ****sighhhhhhhhhhh ***** 😛

  9. Priti

    Loved the quote… 🙂

    About the video – This form is known as Tango and it takes a great deal to get it perfect…

    thanks! 🙂 oh, i see… i could see that a lot of time and effort had gone into that perfect dance in the video…

  10. somehow felt the grey didnt quite suit the mood of the blog.. glad to see the change.. 😉

    sooper quote and of course lovely song.. 🙂

    oh, apdiya? ya, i agree… the colour was a bit too dull for my taste, but i somehow liked the design of the previous template.. mood of my blog-aa? what is that? i didnt know it had one!! 🙂 pls enlighten me.. me loved this template too..
    thanks, thanks, thanks! 🙂

  11. and i thought i kinda liked minisha lamba in jogi mahi– bachna ae haseeno.. if you’d watched de movie you’d understand the situation and the song kinda feels in place.. 🙂
    chk it out..

    oh, i havnt seen the movie or heard the song… sure, shall check out! 🙂

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