Standing on a precipice

I stand at the edge of a precipice

Filled with awe;

The beauty of it all beckons

To me to come, see it all;

There’s a new life waiting for me

I can see it if I jump and glide;

Or, maybe, just maybe,

Is it my death in disguise?

Image source: Go here.

Song for the occasion: Bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna



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4 responses to “Standing on a precipice

  1. where there is life, there exists death, I guess its the time to jump …take that one step

    yes, i think you are right…

  2. Oft it turns out that we don’t even have the luxury of making that call – so it is atleast for me. We get taken in by the flow of events….

    yes, i agree… sometimes you don’t have the luxury of thinking whether you want to take a call or not.. you just have to… but i have found that life does that because it wants us to learn something or gain something extraordinary, which we wouldn’t have otherwise..

  3. May be. No one knows whats in store until one takes that plunge Right ?

    Who knows a whole of new life is awaiting !! Death is an immortal as hope. so I see them as synonyms.

    that’s right… one can never know until the plunge is taken..
    a life which is not sometimes put at risk for one’s dearest dreams is akin to just surviving, not very different from death. and if one dies in the process, who knows, maybe there’s a completely new life after death.. thanks for the words.. 🙂

  4. Ms Mush..
    What the happened.. Why the sudden switch in gears… Cheer up 🙂

    he he.. was just in pondering more than necessary.. 🙂 have cheered up now.. thanks 🙂

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