The Rescue

I’m back with my rants about a book after a long, long hiatus. This time, it is ‘The Rescue’ by Nicholas Sparks.

Note: Plot revealed

Most of Sparks’s stories have a lot of this-is-not-possible-in-real-life moments, not to mention loads of mush. At the same time, they also have a lot of practical, real-life moments, which could happen to just about anyone, and not just a hero or heroine. And it is such moments that make reading Sparks a memorable experience for me. The writer has the ability to get beneath the skin of the character and make them talk – from their heart. As was the case with this book as well. It has a lot of brilliantly defined, beautiful moments.

I got this book because I was attracted by the tag line – ‘How do you learn to trust again?’ and read it bit by bit over the past month. The story kind of grew on me. I found the book to have a more practical storyline than the other ones by Sparks. I couldn’t help falling in love with all the major characters of the book – Denise, Taylor, Kyle, Mitch, Melissa and Judy.

Denise is a single mother, who has sacrificed her life for her son Kyle, the sweetest of kids with a language disability. A wonderful mother, she works on a language program with Kyle, and has a tough time juggling it with a job as a waitress, to provide for the both of them. She moves to the small town of Edenton, making a complete shift from a city life in Atlanta, giving up her career as a teacher for Kyle’s sake.

One stormy day, Denise and Kyle are in an accident, and Kyle gets lost. So enters Taylor – a kind-hearted gentleman who works on remodelling homes and volunteers as a fireman whenever required. It is he who finds Kyle, and then a relationship blossoms between them. Taylor is just as wonderful with Kyle as he is with Denise. He begins to care for Denise in a way he has never cared for any of the women in his life earlier.

Both Denise and Taylor can feel that the relationship they share is something really special, as can everyone around them. However, Taylor’s troubled memories of his childhood make him commitment-phobic, and he drifts away from Denise, hurting both Denise and Kyle in the process. The strong-willed Denise gradually picks up the pieces of her shattered life and tries to move on. At the same time, Taylor is confronted by his close friend, Mitch, who is also a volunteer fireman, his wife Melissa, and Judy, Taylor’s mother. Realisation sets in, and Taylor goes back to Denise. The relationship begins anew and, of course, there’s a happily-ever-after.

The story might be predictable, but the way Sparks has narrated it makes the book an enjoyable and insightful (yes, insightful!!!) read. Left me feeling warm from within.

Verdict: I absolutely loved the book. 🙂 Most recommended for mush lovers and for anyone who would like to read a delightful, heart-warming tale of unadulterated love. 🙂

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7 responses to “The Rescue

  1. Nithya Sivashankar

    The Rescue and AWTR are my two favourite Sparks books 🙂 I love this book. It isn’t only for mush lovers. I am basically not as mushy as Iyer is 😀 I simply love Taylor’s relationship with Kyle. The way he teaches the kid to talk. Beautifully written!

    me too, me too, me too! 🙂 you are not mushy?? :O that comes as a surprise to me! and, lady, you taught me to read sparks!!

  2. Believe it or not- this book is next up on my list.
    Gaawd, the co-incidences! Are they ever gonna end? 🙂

    he he he he.. can’t believe this! looks like they’re never gonna end! 🙂

  3. Welcome back… I like your reviews … you know that?!

    Though I never read them full…as PLOTS are REVEALED 😛

    hehee! I will definitely get this book 🙂

    LOL at ‘i like your reviews, but i never read them fully’.. 😛 do let me know how you liked this book..

  4. 😛 I’ve never tried anything by Sparks. I planned to, but somehow never got around to actually doing it.

    oh! if you are a mush lover, you’ll love sparks…

  5. Looks like you are totally impressed :)…

    yup, actually i am 🙂

  6. …Most recommended for mush lovers and for anyone who would like to read a delightful, heart-warming tale of unadulterated love…

    Yes, that’s me. 😛

    he he.. join the club 😀

  7. Nope Iyer, me not the mushy-mushy sorts 🙂

    oh, ok…if you say so… 🙂

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