Nights in Rodanthe

I devoured one more Sparks novel – Nights in Rodanthe. 🙂  Some time ago, I was ranting about selecting a book to read next, from the list that I had made up. Yes, I went for Sparks once again! 🙂

Note: Plot partly revealed

As I began reading the book, I remember feeling that it was going to turn out very, very OK-ish. However, as the plot progressed, it went on becoming engrossing, tender, and lovely. I was pleasantly surprised at the end, which was beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes. (Ok, I admit I am a sentimental fool!)

It is a love story, a tragic one at that – one that involves two adults – Paul and Adrienne. Paul and Adrienne have been divorced by their respective spouses Martha and Jack respectively, and are at a difficult stage in their lives when they meet each other. They meet, understand and come close to one another – all over the course of a weekend. There is that connection, that special something, between them that both had been missing in their lives so far. They discover their soul mates in each other. What happens after that weekend forms the rest of the story, which has been wonderfully narrated by Sparks. To cut a long story short, the statement by Coelho – “True love transforms, and true love liberates” – something I have always believed in with all my heart, has been personified in this book.

The verdict is, once again, good. 🙂 I liked reading this book, and overall, it was a pleasing experience. Nights in Rodanthe is, in a lot of ways, similar to The Bridges of Madison County. I know it would be unfair to compare both books, but I can’t help it, given the similarities in the plot. I loved The Bridges of Madison County A LOT, and I still remember how I felt when I read it. Nights in Rodanthe gave me a good reading experience too, though it didn’t touch me as deep as The Bridges of Madison County did. However, it definitely is worth a read! 🙂

Song for the occasion:


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3 responses to “Nights in Rodanthe

  1. lol..:) isn’t this a movie now?? feels like i have seen the name somewhere.. the choice was my first sparks book..and i am sure it is not going to be my last:) loved it.. i am quite a mush person too and this is soo perfect!:)

    yes, this one has been made into a movie.. if you liked sparks’s style, you would definitely love his other books much better.. you’ll find my rants on most of his books on my blog 🙂 yes, nights in rodanthe is good for a light read for sure… 🙂

  2. s w a t

    I’m reading the second book in the Twilight series, currently. Mush only 😀
    I will read this book sometime. You liked it.. So I SHALL definitely like it! 🙂
    I ❤ this song!!!!

    i saw ‘twilight’ in the bookstore, but didn’t buy it.. hows it going? he he… ya, you might like this one by sparks.. 🙂
    what’s <3???

  3. s w a t

    ❤ is a heart 😛

    oh, ok, ok.. thanks for the info.. 🙂
    i ❤ the song too.. 😛

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