Chhod aaye hum woh galiyan…

This post comes with a lot of nostalgia of beautiful shared moments, time well spent and idled away, words spoken and unspoken, hugs, smiles and tears, knowledge gained and shared, the ups and downs of a place that means a lot to me. This post comes as the last one from a system and a place that I am as used to as the back of my hand – my current organisation. The feelings as I type this out are countless, something that I cannot capture in words. As I step out of this place for the last time today as an employee, I carry a lot with me.

Thanks, all you wonderful people, for everything. Do keep in touch. Lots of love to all of you.

Song for the occasion:



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4 responses to “Chhod aaye hum woh galiyan…

  1. shweta

    all the best….

    thanks, dearie! 🙂

  2. A post that I am sure would mean a lot ! Am touched..can’t say anything more. Countless feelings that cannot be captured. Very true..thats why language is just one of the ways to express feelings..but sometimes there are other ways, words unspoken but understandable..

    Take care,

    yes, the post does mean a lot. thanks for understanding it the way i do. about the language part, perfectly said! 🙂

  3. Take Care Priya 🙂

    hope you will blog from wherever life takes u 🙂

    thanks, veens! yes, i will definitely blog from where i am planning to go… can’t imagine life without it! 🙂

  4. its always sad to leave a workplace…All the best for your future!

    yes, it is… and this workplace was special… 🙂 thanks a lot for your wishes!

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