Seven bookish musings

Ramya tagged me here with the book version of the 7-random-facts-about-myself meme. The rules are:

youvebeentagged1Here goes my version:

1) I love books in the physical form. E-books are just not the same. I am yet to try audio books, but I doubt anything can beat the feeling of curling up with a wonderful book, drowning in it and travelling in your mind the world that the author has created.

2) Till last year, I was pretty skeptical about trying out different kinds of books. I wouldn’t go beyond my usual bunch of subjects and the usual favourite authors. I wasn’t much into experimentation. I wouldn’t say that I experiment a lot now, but, yes, I am definitely more open minded in my reading now.

3) I love owning the books I read. I love buying them for me and for others. I have a special soft corner for people who are passionate about reading.

4) Though I started reading at a very young age, I haven’t read many classics. I haven’t read any classic, in fact, outside of my school and college curriculum. I do plan to rectify that, though.

5) I would love to try out reading books in different languages. When I was a kid, I used to read a lot of Gujarati and Hindi books. I have limited myself to reading only English books these days, but would love to read in other languages as well. There is a different kind of charm in reading a book in the original language in which it was written (sans translation). I know this is going to take a long time, but I do have a dream of at least learning to read and write my mother tongue – Tamil – just to read the beautiful literature available in Tamil.

6) I like my books to be written in simple language, and for the ideas to get into my thick skull easily. This is one of the reasons why I don’t read much poetry, because it takes a lottttt of thinking. Of late, I haven’t been reading stuff that would require me to put myself entirely into it and think deeeeeeppppp. I would, however, like to gradually move on to reading stuff on more complex ideas and complex presentations.

7) In childhood, my favourite category of books used to be fantasy. The number of Enid Blyton fantasy books I have read are countless. Then it changed to teenage fiction like The Bobbsey Twins, The Secret Seven and Nancy Drew. When I was in college, I began reading mush, and I guess that part of me still lives on. 🙂 I have lost touch with fantasy, however, and want to pick up soon.

Last year, I was a lot into popular philosophy and inspirational books. I do still like reading popular philosophy off and on, but I think I have grown out of inspirational books. Now, the main focus is on reading various kinds of fiction, with a bit of non-fiction thrown in at times.

The 7 people I tag are:

  1. Rambler
  2. Niths
  3. Sharan
  4. Aparna_S
  5. Swat
  6. Suchitra
  7. Nagashri

Do take it up, guys! Would be fun to read your versions! 🙂



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7 responses to “Seven bookish musings

  1. will take both tomorrow

    sure! looking forward… 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you that ebooks are just not the same..

    yes, exactly… the feel of a paper book just cannot be had with an ebook! it is something magical! 🙂

  3. ME

    sure dearie… thanks for bringing me back… shall not disappoint you

    gr8! would be interesting to read your version.. looking forward to it… glad to being you back.. 🙂

  4. I took to reading quite late, but once into it, got addicted . These days I read only non fiction but really slow…. Tamil literature is quite rich and I suggest you give it a try. The sheer variety is mind boggling. Wish I had more time!

    Destination Infinity

    oh, i wish i had more time for reading too! there’s a looooonnnnnngggggg way to go for me to read tamil ‘literature’, but, yes, i am definitely gonna give it a try… 🙂

  5. There is no substitute for the beautiful feeling holding the book in had, feel the sweet fresh smell….. Chuck the ebook for ever unless it is voiced out 🙂

    exactly! 🙂

  6. audio books are not great.. i tried a few and didnt really enjoy it.. you should give it a shot though.. you can get free audio books for download at librivox. try listening to a few chapters.:)
    i am learning to read and write tamil right now as well.. reading Sujatha’s short stories and it is taking me forever..but i am glad i have started my tamil learning dream:)

    thanks for the suggestion! will check out some audio books soon! 🙂
    oh, wow! you have already started learning tamil… i am yet to do it… feels good to know that there’s someone on the same boat as i am.. 🙂

  7. Suchitra

    I’m done 🙂

    thanks for taking it up, suchi… will check out soon…

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