There I was, standing still in the midst of a grove of trees, when I met you for the first time. The day is etched in my memory for ever. A stately banyan, always looked up to, I stood aloof, alone amongst the crowd of trees and the babble of birds and squirrels scampering through my majestic branches. You intruded into my silent contemplation, oh dove, when you rammed into me as you did, out of fear, closely followed by a ferocious eagle. Your sudden flight caused a stir among my green leaves, wherein you sought shelter, and I, suddenly touched by something, hid you in my dense foliage. Looking back, I know it was Providence that had called to me then.

You rested atop me and nursed your broken wing, and, in a few weeks, all too soon, you were restored to your pristine beauty. You cooed to me tales of far and yonder, the places you had flown to and the birds you had met, the fears and the grief and the joy in your heart. Your pretty tales spoke of the trust you had for me and sounded sweeter to me than the song of any cuckoo ever had. It was not long before I began looking forward to our interludes.

I protected your fragile self from many storms thereafter, curving my branches all around you, so that you were cozy and safe even in the midst of the iciest of rains.Storms stopped hurting me, because I had to protect you and your trust. And you, oh sweet companion of mine, protected me from a living death, which I did not even know was coming. You woke me up from a slumber I did not even know I was sleeping. You brought me to life, and you taught me to live. You taught me to trust, you taught me to love. It was from you that I learnt the meaning of true kinship. I don’t know if I healed you or you healed me. I only know that when you flew into me that day, scared, hurt, bleeding and ugly, you created a ripple not only amongst my leaves, but also stirred up something somewhere deep within me.


Song for the occasion:


PS: For the prompt over at Weekend Wordsmith this week – Ripples. Have a very merry Christmas, people! Have a wonderful day! 🙂



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2 responses to “Ripples

  1. It is really b’ful and heart-warming!

    thankings, lady! 🙂

  2. The imagery and description is really touching. A powerfully written piece of writing that is undoubtedly moving. The bond between the tree and the dove is like most other bonds in life – one doesn’t need to see it, the bonds are there to be felt – unseen yet unmistakably there to be felt. The ripples created by the bond penetrate the surface and stir inner emotions and bring a joy that can only be experienced by feeling.

    thanks, sathej! glad you liked it…

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