Opinions puhleezzzzz

I do this post, inspired by this. I would love to have your opinions on Uniquely Priya. What kind of author image does UP conjure up in your mind? What kind of person do you think the author is in real life? Any suggestions for the improvement of the blog or the person behind the blog that you feel like making? Anything at all that you feel like saying?

Come on and drop in your valuable opinions in the comments box. Brickbats awaited!



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12 responses to “Opinions puhleezzzzz

  1. Mushy as in romantic to the core 😛

    hee hee… thats the part that stands out on the blog, i suppose… 🙂 thanks!

  2. someone who has a lot of determination, I remember the book challenge you did last year..

    blog wise, I think you used to do a lot of writing..now you blog..if you know what I mean

    gee, thanks! 🙂 yes, i know exactly what you mean… got to get back to ‘writing’ soon….

  3. Someone who just got married?? lol 😉

    An avid reader..And of-course agree with BlueMist..:)

    thanks, dilip! 🙂

  4. Hi ,

    The one thing that I like to mention is you are not only good at writing but also good at bringing other good posts to the readers(Thankyou Blogsville).The way you mention about the books you read is also good . Keep the good work going .

    thanks, kalyan! 🙂

  5. firstly, here’ the letter i picked for you.. “T”.. have fun coming up with your favorites list!:)

    and to me, your blog is an eclectic mix of fun and serious things in your life.. i can’t think of anything i would like to see changed here..seriously!:)

    thanks so much, ramya! for the opinion as well as the tag… will take up the tag soon…

  6. sun10

    I got a sense that you have analyzed life well for your age and have a matured/wise take on life: to see the beauty around you (in the world). I like your mult-dimensional facet.
    Having said that, just one advise :)!!: don’t let the wisdom block your view to enjoy/see the silliness of life!

    hmm… thanks for the honest opinion… don’t worry… i can be as childish and immature as i am mature…. silliness and maturity both have their own place in life, and i’ll take care not to let one interfere with the other 🙂

  7. Hi
    All I can say is that you read lots of different blogs. ( looking at your bloggers list.) LOL

    Life Reflections

    hee hee… thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment… welcome here…

  8. Kavitha

    I think of you as a smily sweety girl who’s eyes will reflect her “optimistic” attitude in life. One who has the cool attitude in life and also has a sentimental side to it.

    Awwww… thanks, kavitha! 🙂

  9. Judge a blogger by her blog- and Uniquely Priya radiates warmth and sincerity. 🙂

    thanks, stef… i m all the flattered up! 🙂

  10. lemonytree

    Priya: A person with an ability to enjoy life and spread Joy !!! which is a rare gift.

    thanks, lemonytree… glad you think so… 🙂

  11. One of my first ever blog friends.. Nice flow of thoughts.. An avid reader.. Enjoys the same kind of music as me.. loves Ahd .. Tries to cook 😛 Mushy mushy all along.. Thanks to you I’ve read some good books.

    thanks, thanks, thanks 🙂 er, which books did you read bcos of me? would love to know… 🙂
    tries to cook aa?? adi paavi… 😐

  12. Well, I don’t know why I didn’t comment..anyway..

    One of the very few blogs that I’ve been following for quite a while..some posts have really touched me. A simple minded individual..a very passionate reader..one of the few nicest persons I have come across..


    i m the orey flattered! thanks! 🙂

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