Dear John

Marriage + Relocation = A lot of work + A lot of chaos + A lot of friends + A lot of relatives + A lot of formalities + Travelling and tiredness + Lot of things on mind = No reading 😦

Yes, that’s how it has been the past couple of months. After I completed the Orbis Terrarum Challenge last year, my reading had been almost non-existent. Hopefully, that phase has passed now, and I’ll be back to my usual quota of reading. Well, I’ve made a start. 🙂

I needed something light but engrossing to begin with, something that I would enjoy reading and yet would not stress my brains. So, that’s how I picked up one more Nicholas Sparks novel by the name of ‘Dear John’ at the Thailand airport. The storyline on the back cover interested me, and it seemed just like what I would like to read at the moment. It took me more than the usual time to finish this book, but, yes, the first read for 2009 is down now! 🙂

Note: Plot revealed

Dear John is the story of a militaryman called John, and it revolves around his relationship with his girlfriend Savannah as well as his father, and how his being in the military affects both. John is somewhat of a rebel when he is a youngster, and his relationship with his father is under immense strain on account of his father’s apparent lack of communication. It is under these circumstances that he joins the military. He meets Savannah when he is on a vacation, and the usual thing happens. They fall in love.

It is Savannah who points out that John’s father might have Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder that could be the reason behind his unwillingness to talk about anything except his passion for coins. This brings the realisation that it is not that his father does not want to communicate, maybe he just cannot do it. This realisation considerably improves the father-son relationship, which makes John see Savannah in a different light.

John and Savannah share some special moments on the vacation, after which he goes back to the military. They write to each other and decide to wait till John’s term in the military gets over to get married. However, the stress of military life and the long distance between them creates a strain on John and Savannah’s relationship. Circumstances make her come close to Tim, Savannah’s childhood friend, a guy whom John has met and liked. She writes a ‘Dear John’ letter to John, and that’s the end of their relationship. Then 9/11 happens, and John decides to extend the term of his service in the military. Life is tough on him, and he loses his father during this period.

Several years later, in a typical Bollywoodish setting, John goes back to Savannah’s hometown, where he discovers that Tim is dying of a melanoma. Savannah is working on a ranch, trying to help autistic children, something that has always been her dream, and leading a tough life. All three of them – Savannah, John and Tim – realise that the old flames between Savannah and John have not died down. In spite of Tim and Savannah’s attempts to reignite these flames, John feels that it is best to move out. And that is exactly what he does – leaving Tim with the proceeds from the sale of his father’s coin collection, so that he can continue with his expensive treatment.

The epilogue shows John returning to Savannah’s place secretly one more time, and he sees a recovered Tim leading a happy life with Savannah. He also notices something that proves that Savannah still has a soft corner for him, and with that satisfaction, he returns back to his routine life.

I found the book to be very average, the nothing-great types. Somehow, I just could not digest the plot. 😦  Though I was kind of disappointed with the book, I loved reading the part where John realises that his father could have a problem, and the consequent improvement in their relationship. Overall, not a book that left any lasting impressions.


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5 responses to “Dear John

  1. The book sounds good.
    My state is the same. I have started many but ended none.
    Sad no?
    The daily life is very hectic, wonder how mom did it.
    Work, home… no time for reading. I hope to also get backl to reading 🙂

    I have some reviews to submit. Hope to do it soon 🙂

    he he… tel me about it! but i m still a stay-at-home wife, so my condition is not as bad as yours… just couldn’t get in much of reading in the last two months… hopefully, will go back to my normal reading habits soon 🙂
    and yes, looking forward to your reviews… it’s been quite a long time since you wrote ANYTHING.. 🙂

    Take care!
    Have fun 🙂

  2. I have been seeing this book in my library shelf for the longest time and been giving it a stare 😀

    its a very very ok sort of book… ok if you skip it kinds… 🙂 of course, that’s in my eyes 🙂

  3. Nice to see a book review..The book – well, this is why I don’t read such books – they present a simple and happy ending picture of life – the way it doesn’t turn out often. Reading such accounts makes me cringe at times and dwell on what could have been..


    oh, i am happy to put up a book post after such a long time too! 🙂 i don’t fully agree with what you say… yes, most of the romance books do have a happy ending, as you say… but then there ARE happy endings in life too, aren’t there? such books keep the hope alive 🙂 they’re nice as light, quick reads… and some of them are realistic… for instance, bridges of madison county or the notebook… in fact, i do find an element of reality in sparks’s books… they are not all mush and no sense – like the books i used to read earlier… it would be wrong to generalise for all mush books… some of them are really good reads… just my two cents, you know… of course, to each his own…:)

  4. Lady GaGa Fan.

    Loved the book.

  5. priyaiyer

    @lady gaga fan

    Thanks for dropping by, and leaving a comment! 🙂
    Glad you loved the book… I found it quite ok, nothing spectacular…

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