Thailand flashback – 2

It has been almost a month since we returned from the trip, but beautiful memories still remain. As an attempt to capture some of these memories in black and white can be found here. This is a continuation of the same….


On the fourth day, we took a taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok, where we had a hotel booked, again. The day was spent in looking at shops and malls around the hotel and buying knickknacks.


The next day we went to one of the largest malls I have ever been to – the MBK Mall at Bangkok. It’s HUGE. And when I say HUGE, I mean it. It just goes on and on and on. We shopped there (yes, shopping AGAIN!) for gifts and stuff, and got back to the hotel using the sky train and the subway. Both – the sky train and the subway – are just so damn efficient, easy, reliable and effortless. I was just fascinated and was literally watching everything with wide eyes. J The machines into which you drop money to get the tickets, the clarity of the instructions on the map, the punctuality of the trains, the quiet and disciplined queues that the people form to get into the train, and the fast, commotionless travel to our destination – was absolutely amazing. Honestly, if I could have such service, I would never ever crib about going to work! J


We spent the next day at Safari World – a park built on the lines of a safari. it was fun looking at the mini zoo that they have over there, and the simulated forest that is just WONDERFUL. I have always wondered what it must feel like to go into a forest, and I came to know just that at Safari World. The various shows at the park – the dolphin show, the bird show, the spy wars show, the polar bear show, et al – are TOO GOOD and definitely worth a watch. The better half had ultimate fun talking to the locals there in Tamil, while they talked back in Thai and English (which was actually fun to watch! :P).


The next day, which happened to be the last day of the trip, we went to visit the Buddhist temples and the King’s Palace, located in the Old City. Both of us just loved everything about the temples – from the peaceful and serene surroundings to the architecture. It was wonderful to see the myriad Buddha forms here – reclining, sitting and standing Buddhas, Buddhas in gold and emerald, and Buddhas for each day of the week. The visit to the King’s Palace was fun as well, and we had juice made from fruit from the king’s orchard. That did have quite a mystical feel to it! J The same night, we were at Bangalore city. End of trip! L


To be honest, both of us enjoyed the stay at Pattaya much more than Bangkok. Somehow, we found it more fun, more relaxed as against the highly commercial feel of Bangkok. Overall, while it lasted, the trip to Thailand was a great experience, one to cherish and remember. It was so much fun that I almost had tears in my eyes when it ended. L We couldn’t see EVERYTHING in Thailand, much as we would have loved to, but loved the places we did go to. Over and above the beautiful places we visited, the fun moments that we shared will be in our memories always. J


Check out the pics of the trip here:





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5 responses to “Thailand flashback – 2

  1. kanchanaburi… is one of place to be. its linked with WW2 is more beautiful.. may be for next time..

    oh i c… next time, maybe! 🙂

  2. Nice Trip. Also try to go koh kood if you have time. We call koh kood is maldieve in thailand.

    next time, maybe! again 🙂

  3. Me

    Awesome photos.

    ROTFL! Magic Kettle indeed. Proves you are an awesome cook as well.

    Coral Island looks lovely.

    LOL! you guys saw a boxing match on honeymoon!!!

    thanks, me! if dipping mtr pouches into hot water in the kettle and kalarifying maggi and soup in it makes one a good cook, then, yes, i am an awesome cook! hee hee 🙂
    coral island is definitely a wonderful place… kind of like the beaches they show in hindi movies 🙂
    yes, we saw a boxing match on our honeymoon… so wat? which rule in which rule book says one can’t see a boxing match while honeymooning? 😛 it was actually part of the thai dance show… so we had to see both… and yes, we wanted to see as much of the beautiful place as possible 🙂

  4. And in two months, I’ll be there! Coral Island, Phuket and Bangkok. Whooppie! 😛

    oh wow! that’s nice! enjoy yourself… it’s a lovely place! 🙂

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