Gently falls the Bakula

Yes, I finished reading yet another book – Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty. And I just loved this one! πŸ™‚

I picked up the book a few days back off a pavement store, as I was intrigued by the storyline. I read theΒ excerpt on the back cover, and I knew I just had to read the book. I was not at all disappointed! πŸ™‚

Note: Plot partly revealed

Gently falls the Bakula is the story of Shrikant and Shrimati, a couple whose romance begins as early as Standard X, while they study at the same school in Hubli. Both are outstanding students, and initially start out as competitors. They go on to fall in love and get married.

Shrikant goes on progressing in his career, while Shrimati’s career takes a backseat after marriage. She becomes Shrikant’s uncomplaining shadow and even leaves her love of history to help Shrikant pursue his career path without problems.

At a certain point of time, she realises that they have drifted apart. Shrikant has become a hard-core business person, while Shrimati is right where she was. The old affection between them is lost. She realises that her life is quite empty, and that she has lost more than Shrikant’s love. She is faced with a tough decision at this juncture – choosing between her own life and her husband, who has drifted too far away to have any hope of coming back. I don’t think I should reveal here what path Shrimati chose, and break the suspense. πŸ™‚ Do check out the book and find out. πŸ™‚

I have loved all the Sudha Murty books I have read so far, and the same goes for this one. I really loved the character of Shrimati, the mentally strong, intelligent and capable woman who loves selflessly and fights withΒ her circumstances.

For those of you wondering about the book’s title, Bakula is the name of a fragrant flower. Shrikant and Shrimati’s romance blossoms under a Bakula tree. Cute na? πŸ˜›

Would I recommend this book to others? Definitely. A big YES!! πŸ™‚

My rating: 4 stars


Song on my mind:

Just love these lines:

Ghar tera saloni, Baadal ki colony,

Dikhla de thenga in sabko, Jo udna na jaane..

Inspiring, innit?



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10 responses to “Gently falls the Bakula

  1. Interesting storyline indeed! Would definitely want to pick up the book soon. Have read Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty. Was ok. Shall try this soon. Btw, that song there, have heard some people at college sing it and didn’t like it!


    i just loved this book.. but then it may be just me… i could relate to it at a lot of places… do give it a shot and let me know how you found it πŸ™‚
    as for the song, i just LOVE it πŸ™‚

  2. I have read this one..had found it ok I guess..I like the middle class lifestyle which Sudha Murthy writes effortlessly..many things are too realistic in my eye

    yes, she is very, very realistic at times, but, as i told sathej, i am almost always able to relate to what she says… so i loved this book πŸ™‚

  3. those lines… “dikhla de thenga un sab jo udna na jaane” awesomest indeed! πŸ™‚

    yup. the whole song is awesome actually.. love the peppy lyrics and the way it has been sung.. inspires me to just go and do something πŸ™‚

  4. I happened to find your review on this book. Co incidentally I had bought this book last week though haven’t started it yet.I love your blog.Its really cool.Songs are so apt.

  5. priyaiyer


    first things first, welcome here. glad to know that you liked roaming around here. keep coming back. πŸ™‚

    will check out your space too.. would love to read about all those books you have written about there (from the sneak peek at your blog i had a short time ago)

    do let me know how you found the book πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Priya , I finished Gently Falls The Bakula in one sitting and I so loved it. The theme and the narration is so simple that you can’t help but like it. Sudha Murthy really does have a knack of keeping you wanting for more.

    I wouldn’t have been satisfied with any other ending to the story. It was so right .I am a doctor and I have seen wives who are much more academically stronger than their super specialist husbands doing just what Shrimati did. It takes a lot to be that kind of sacrificing person and it projects women and glorifies them in a wonderful way.

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks for coming back..

    i loved the book too, mainly for the way Sudha Murty has portrayed the character of Shrimati and the end of the story.. i would probably not have been satisfied with any other ending too.. πŸ™‚

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  9. I felt the book, in addition to what the above comments state, is a reminder to the males to understand the value of females, who also have an existence in this world. Females must not be taken for granted by their other halves. Also that the women should respect themselves, and only then will their husbands begin respecting them……
    dis was my first visit to the wee spot and really liked it.
    Happy writing!

    • priyaiyer


      Welcome here, and thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it around here. πŸ™‚
      I loved the book too, and the message it conveys. Probably, I wouldn’t have accepted any other ending..

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