The ‘T’ factor

First of all, belated best wishes to you all from UP for Tamil Putthandu, which fell on the 14th of April. Hope you people had fun celebrating. I did.  🙂


Secondly, Ramya, from Ramya’s bookshelf, had tagged me long, long, long ago to write about my favourite things beginning with the letter ‘T’. In fact, I had bugged her to tag me, and then never really got around to doing it. 😛 The half-written version has been lying in my ‘Drafts’ section for ages now, and I think it’s time to take it up now. So, here goes.



My list of favourites beginning with ‘T’:


1) TRAVELLING: I love travelling. Here, travelling does not mean going only to exotic tourist destinations and vacationing. I just love the whole process of going to a new place, whether it is a nearby small temple or restaurant or a hot vacation spot or an offbeat little place somewhere near town, and taking in the feel of the place. I love the way it broadens my horizons, and changes my way of looking at things. I would say it is the best way to learn things in the world. I just wish I could travel more than what I do at the moment.


2) TASTY FOOD AND DRINKS: I am a big-time foodie. I LOVE tasty vegetarian food and non-alcoholic drinks that are yummy. I don’t mind street food, as long as the place is a little decent; not at all overly hygiene conscious. I love experimenting with flavours and trying out new places to eat at. I am not a terribly good cook, but I like to think I cook reasonably tasty stuff.


3) TALES: Since childhood, I have been hooked to tales – of the real-life and the imaginary kinds. My mom still relates to me how I used to bug her to narrate stories in my very early childhood every now and then. My love for tales makes me a good listener, and an avid fiction reader.


4) TUNES: I adore music. My life is incomplete without tunes of different kinds. Rural folk songs, songs in my mother tongue and other regional and foreign languages, catchy songs, sad songs, dance songs – I love them all. The kind of music I listen to at a particular point of time depends on my mood.


5) TINY TOTS: Oh, I just LOVE tiny tots. The way they look, talk, smile, laugh, feel, smell – I love everything. I just love the feeling when a child talks to me, or places his/her little hand in mine, completely trusting me. I love the unpretentiousness of children.


6) TRUTHFULNESS: I like truthfulness in people. The lack of artificiality and the sincere communication of emotions get to me. I admire people who have the guts to stand up for what they feel is the truth, even when the odds are against them. I don’t know where I stand in the league of such people.


7) TRUE LOVE: Sincere and deep love – the kind that just shows and does not need words – gets to me. I love it when people love truly – irrespective of whether the love is for a person, a place, a thing or a hobby.


8 ) TIME OFF: I value my time off – me time – very highly. I stronly believe it is necessary to break out of routine on a regular basis and spend time strictly with myself, and sometimes exclusively with family, for myself.


That’s all I could think of from ‘T’!!


Song on my mind:




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6 responses to “The ‘T’ factor

  1. Nice list!Truthfulness, True love, Time off – those mean a lot to me too..


    thanks, sathej! they mean a LOT to me…

  2. Very Nice, do check out my version too by monday.

    sure, vg! 🙂 thanks!

  3. RustyNeurons

    Tiny tots!

    Great list! 🙂 Time off is my favouritest!
    Hey, what happened to the chat plan? I dont have your id.

    yup, i just adore tiny tots! 🙂 and time off, a much-needed luxury these days, is something i just love 🙂
    will buzz you on gtalk.. wordpress records mail ids of commentors 🙂

  4. Nice! How’ve you been, girl? 🙂

    hey there! long time, no see? how have you been doing?
    i have been doing well.. thanks 🙂

  5. and..
    Typing (blogs)

    theater, thinking and typing… yes, i guess i missed out on these.. 🙂
    not sure about the talking part.. 🙂

  6. lolzz nice 🙂 T-Thought.. so X factor now

    thanks, dc!! 🙂

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