Hey, people! One more book for the OT ’09 Challenge went down over the weekend – Speedpost by Shobha De. After USA, the next stop for the Challenge was India.

I got the book because I loved the synopsis of the book, and I liked De’s style in ‘Spouse’ – the first piece of writing I read by her, a long, long time back. This book had been lying with me for quite some time now, and I felt I was ready for it now. I gave it a shot, and I absolutely LOVED it!! This is the first time I have read a book consisting of letters, and I quite liked it! 🙂

Speedpost is a collection of letters written by De to her 6 children, at various stages of their lives. The subjects of these letters are varied –chastising them for late-night telephone calls, Internet addiction, excessive spending, the fast fading significance of age-old traditions, and about several other memorable big and little occasions in their lives. As always, I liked her bold style of writing, and the real-life element in the letters touched me quite a lot.

I just loved this aspect of Shobha De – the modern-day, confident, sentimental, busy but concerned working mother. I have always admired super moms for their ability to handle it all, and that’s one reason I loved this book too. I could relate to a lot of points in the book.

My misconception of the way celebrity kids lead their lives was broken as I went on turning page after page of this book. From what De says, all of her children have had quite ordinary lifestyles, much the same as other middle-class kids. That, apart from the beautiful way De connected with her kids in spite of having a hectic schedule, made me like her quite a lot. Now, I am really looking forward to read other books by her.

My rating of the book: I’d give it 4 stars.

As for the OT ’09 Challenge, the count is 3 down now, with 7 more to go.


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5 responses to “Speedpost

  1. Hmm..looks nice. Must read Shobha De sometime soon. The problem is I don’t get to buy these many books 🙂 Already quite a few waiting to be read..


    • priyaiyer

      i really liked this one.. do go ahead and read it whenever you can.. and don’t forget to tell me how you liked it.. 🙂

  2. Hey Priya,

    I remember reading Speed Post (twice in fact) and absolutely loving it…same with Spouse, I think I’ve read that one more than three times already. I admire the way Shobhaa De’ candidly illustrates certain points with examples from her personal life…she seems very comfortable with who she is and the way her life is and I really admire that. Nice post…

    If you enjoyed Speed Post and the writing format containing letters, I think you’ll like ’84, Charing Cross Road’ by Helene Hanff which is also an exchange of letters between a bibliophile in America and a book-store in London. Very heart-warming and enjoyable…

  3. priyaiyer


    hey! thanks for dropping by and commenting. welcome here, and do keep dropping in. thanks a lot for the blogroll as well 🙂

    i absolutely loved speedpost and spouse, and i so want to read other books by shobhaa de. have never heard of the book that you mention. will check it out for sure. 🙂

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