Getting bugged. So, taking up this tag from Rambler’s blog, just for the heck of it. πŸ™‚

Here goes:



– Age: 27, but probably less than 18 by heart!

– Annoyance: insincerity

– Animal: doggies!!


– Beer: a no-no

– Birthday/Birthplace: 18th Feb/Chennai

– Body Part on opposite sex: eyes

– Best feeling in the world: Knowing that someone loves you with everything in them. Nothing can beat that!

– Blind or Deaf: Deaf

– Best weather: Spring

– Been in Love: Yes

– Been on stage?: Nope.

– Believe in yourself?: Yes.

– Believe in life on other planets: Not sure. Might be, might not be.

– Believe in miracles: Yes.

– Believe in Magic: Nope. Not the man-made kind.

– Believe in God: Yes. Most of the times.

C- Car: Anything comfy will do. Not a big car freak.

– Candy: Yes! But like chocolate better!

– Color: Maroon, green, blue.

– Cried in school: Yes.

– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.

– Country to visit: Want to explore the whole of India. And the whole world. Dream destinations: Kashmir, Seychelles, Africa.


– Day or Night: Day. Not a very night-loving person.

– Danced: Nope. Never. But love it in general, and want to.

– Dance in the rain?: Want to.

– Do the splits?: don’t mind trying!


– Eggs: Only in cakes.

– Eyes: Smiling. Speaking. Alight. Alive. That’s the way I like them.

– Everyone has: A story, and something to learn from.


– First crush: In school.

– First thoughts waking up: Gosh! Is it morning already?

– Food: Anything vegetarian that tickles my taste buds, depending on my mood.


– Greatest Fear: Having nothing to live for

– Giver or taker: Giver, or so I think!

– Goals: To grow in life, not to just go through life.

– Get along with your parents?: Yes. Touch wood.


– Hair Colour: Black

– Height: 5’8”

– Happy: Generally, yes.

– How do you want to die: Peacefully. Without pain to me or to others.

– Health freak?: Nope.

– Hate: Lies, back biting and insincere behaviour.


– Ice Cream: Love it. Any flavour will do. But usually go for chocolate.

– Instrument: Never played one. But want to learn the keyboard and the tabla.

– Jewelry: Love it! Not the 2- and 3-kg. pieces, though!

– Job: Content writer/editor. Dream job: The same, with a bit more of interaction and travel thrown in.


– Kids: None yet.

– Kickboxing or karate: None.

– Keep a journal?: Used to.


– Love: Has the potential to change you and your world. It is precious, and worth fighting for.

– Laughed so hard you cried: Nope.

– Love at first sight: Nope. I don’t believe in it.


– Mooned anyone?: Yes.

– Marriage: Done with.

– Motion sickness?: Sometimes. Generally, no.


– Number of Siblings: None as such. But, yes, have met some people on the course of life, whom I treat as siblings.

– Number of Piercings: 2


– One wish: More sensitivity in the world.


– Place you’d like to live: Amidst lush greenery and extremely beautiful natural surroundings.

– Perfect Pizza: With a crisp base, just the right amount of gravy and cheese, not floating in either. Just the kind they make at Law Garden, Ahmedabad, that I am missing like hell right now! 😦

– Pepsi/Coke: Water.


– Questionaires: Generally, I don’t like them. Fun when I need refreshment. (like now)


– Reason to cry: When I am hurt.

– Reality T.V.: Not much of TV.

– Roll your tongue in a circle: Yuck! 😦


– Song: Loads of favourites. Current favorite – Chitranna chitranna. Just heard it on FM and got hooked to it, though I don’t understand a large part of it!

– Shoe size: Big, bigger, biggest!

– Slept outside: Yes. On terraces.

– Seen a dead body?: Yes.

– Smoked?: Nope.

– Skinny dipped?: Nope.

– Shower daily?: Try to. πŸ˜›

– Sing well?: Would love to, but, unfortunately, I don’t now. 😦

– In the shower?: Yes, sometimes. Depends.

– Swear?: Sometimes.

– Stuffed Animals?: YES!!! Love β€˜em!

– Single/Group dates: Single.

– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

– Scientists need to invent: Nothing particular as such.


– Time for bed: Late enough to find it difficult to get up in the mornings. L

– Thunderstorms: Scary sometimes, but nice. Kind of creates an awe for nature in me.

– TV: Don’t watch much. Usually, songs.

– Touch your tongue to your nose: Can’t. 😦


– Unpredictable: Yes.


– Vegetable you hate: Raw tomatoes.

– Vegetable you love: Potato, any doubt!

– Vacation spot: Yearning to go for at least a short holiday to darling Ahmedabad now! 😦


– Weakness: Too idealistic. Too sensitive. Too trusting. Too sentimental. For my own good. 😦

– When you grow up: Want to be a better person, and have made a difference in the life of someone.

– Worst feeling: To be ignored.

– Wanted to be a model?: Never.

– Where do we go when we die: Float around in space till we are born again, I suppose! No clue!

– Worst weather: None actually. Every season has its own downs, and its own beauty.


-X-Rays: Once. When I was getting my wisdom tooth.


-Year it is now: 2009.

-Yellow: Turmeric.


– Zoo animal: Not a very big fan of zoos. Pity the animals. 😦

– Zodiac sign: Aquarius

That helped shoo my boredom away! πŸ™‚ Take it up, people! It’s fun!!



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8 responses to “Tag!!

  1. s w a t

    You like the Chitranna song? *gasps* It’s there in Tamil also!
    PS: Chitranna is something like fried rice.

    • priyaiyer


      yes, i kind of like the peppy tune, and have been humming it ever since i heard it.. never heard it in tamil, though. will check out. πŸ™‚

  2. Me

    TV la interest illaya…watch mega serial continuously for a week…interest thaana varum :p

    • priyaiyer


      yes, m not much interested in TV. just switch it on for listening to songs.. thats about it..

      and watching mega serials and silly flicks on TV WITH THE MR.(read because of him) is precisely what has killed even the little appetite i had for TV.. 😦

  3. ah so more people jumping into the tag ha, probably this should be named the boredom tag or something πŸ™‚

    you really mooned someone?..man I cant believe it

    this has to be the best answer
    “Marriage: Done with.”

    you like the chitranna song?..dont even try to understand it

    • priyaiyer


      yes, it took away my boredom all right!
      the answer on marriage – πŸ˜›
      yup, i mooned someone once upon a time.. come on, i m only human!! πŸ™‚ dont we all? er, here, i mean ‘mooned’ as in ‘ to sentimentalize or remember nostalgically’ as in- ” He spent the day mooning about his lost love.” hope u meant the same..
      yes, i liked the chitranna song the first time i heard it, though i didnt understand most of it.. u are the second person to ask this.. whats wrong with the song??

  4. Whee.. Just what I was looking for to ward off boredom.. Yep this should be called the boredom tag.. and phuless… Dailamo in kannada is no better… come on you got loads of others to choose from.. πŸ™‚

    • priyaiyer

      take it up, aps! its fun.. would be lovely to read ur version πŸ™‚
      as for the song, i still like it, though i still dont understand it.. πŸ˜›

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