“Bed of roses or Inner Peace?”

“Inner Peace.”

“Why not Bed of roses?”

“I like Inner Peace more.”

“Why can’t we have both?”

“OK, we can do that.”

“Hmm. Cherry brandy?”

“Not at all.”

“Then what do you say?”


There’s something incredibly sweet (and funny too!) in discussing and choosing paint colours for your home with your spouse, both at opposite ends of a telephone line, with a colour palette open in front of both, one of you being at the paints shop and one at work, with a paints website open on the comp, co-workers grinning. A moment worth sharing. 🙂


Song for the occasion (has got to be):



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8 responses to “:)

  1. Me

    You guys got a new home? If so congratulations!!! illainaalum congratulations for the new paint!

    I liked both Champagne and Inner Peace.

  2. I agree! Thats rather sweet! 🙂


  3. 🙂 very cute indeed 🙂

  4. s w a t

    cute! 🙂

  5. Aawww cuyte… 🙂 I like inner peace and champagne too.. Btw while at it.. do chk out Royale Play as well 🙂

  6. priyaiyer




    will let you know in some time.. thanks a lot for the wishes, anyways! 🙂
    i liked both those shades too.. 🙂

  7. priyaiyer

    @sathej, veens and swat

    thanks, people! 🙂
    veens, where are you??? long time, no see???


    thanks! 🙂 sure will check it out! 🙂

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