Happy birthday, li’l sis!

Sweet sis,

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Many, many happy returns of the day!!

Next, I wanted to say a few things. We are as different as chalk and cheese, and yet we have shared some great times together. We have talked about silly and mundane things as well as topics of common interest like books and movies. Though our tastes differ, I have always found our conversations enjoyable. I’ve never really felt the age difference between us.

Over the past year or so, we have grown friendlier and closer than we used to be. I feel my relations have improved not only with you, but also with your family. I am happy to note the same, and hope you people think so too.

This is just a little note to thank you for all the warmth and friendship you have extended to me, with the hope that we grow closer and become better friends over time.

Happy birthday once again!! Have a great day!!

Lots of love,



This song is for you, sis: (for a change, a song we both like πŸ™‚ )


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4 responses to “Happy birthday, li’l sis!

  1. Brinda

    Thank you very much sis!!!! Honestly I am touched. Sometimes even I wonder about how we get along so well inspite of having totally different personalities. But I like the fact that I get to know another perspective on many issues. I think the last one year has brought us very much closer and hope this continues.

    P.S: I will also write a lot about you when I start my own blog. Of course you know that I have been planning it for quite some time now and am too lazy to implement it πŸ™‚

  2. Me

    Birthday wishes to your sis. She shares her birthday with Plane.

  3. My belated birthday wishes to her..


  4. priyaiyer


    amen to that! i have enjoyed having a different viewpoint to most situations too.. may this exchange of views continue for a long time to come..

    and ya, why dont u start that blog soon? am looking forward to reading about ME. πŸ˜›


    thanks a lot.. thanks for the link too.. loved reading kodi’s mom’s blog πŸ™‚


    thanks, sathej!

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