Hum Tum

She was the kind of person who would jump up and down in joy when it rained cats and dogs. Her face lit up with a million dollar smile when a child talked to her. She could hear music in the winds and see poetry in flowers. She could see faces in clouds. How childishly silly! Hell, she was so childish that she loved making faces with ketchup on her toast in the mornings! She liked to decorate her food in funny ways. She said it brightened up her day in a small way. Nonsense! When all he could think of was stuffing the toast in his mouth and rushing to work?


Oh, he loved her all right. He just wished she would stop doing these silly things and be… well, practical. Plan out systematically, and do things efficiently and speedily. Why make a simple thing like making toast SO complicated? Just put the bread in the toaster, set the timer and wait for the things to pop out. Spread butter or ketchup over them and eat. Go to work. There. So simple. Just as he had carefully put in the bread in the toaster and set the timer now.

Toast, butter, ketchup, spoon, knife, plate. All ready on table. Time to eat. Wait a sec. Why couldn’t HE make a ketchup face on the toast? What harm could it possibly cause? She was not around for the day, anyways.

There. He’d done it. He’d to admit it looked cute. Was the smile slightly lopsided? Yeah. Correct that. The eyes were slightly scrawny. Make them a li’l bigger, and the nose a li’l broader. Soon, there was a smile on his face, as broad as the one he’d just made on the toast.

Was it his imagination or was the day actually brighter today? Cheerful, kind of? Hell, had she been right all along??? Was she right when she said – ‘Silly’ things don’t MAKE the day brighter than it actually is, they just make you FEEL that it is??? No, that couldn’t be…


Song on my mind:


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14 responses to “Hum Tum

  1. Ruchi

    Hey priya,

    This is sooo good. Full of love for life, which most of us are missing in this vicious circle of rountine trivial tasks.

  2. Cute!! Looks like the gtalk did some necessary cheerings 😉

  3. s w a t

    I can’t believe you had such a nice post in the offing and yet were sulking on gTalk!
    Very very cute post 🙂

  4. ya… the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, love, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. and life are measured by these wonderful moments.

  5. A rather interesting post from you! Off the trend a bit, I felt..nice one..


  6. Hey Priya,

    Lovely post. How true it is!!! We have made our life so routined that we miss simple yet amazing things in life!!

    Well expressed!! 🙂

  7. this is touchingly beautiful

  8. priyaiyer

    @ruchi, Bluemist

    thanks, people! 🙂


    thanks a lot, lady! it helped LOADS. u don’t even know the half of it. 🙂


    thank you! 🙂 i dint have it up my sleeve then.. just like that penned this down all of a sudden 🙂

  9. priyaiyer




    thanks. yes, thats absolutely true.


    thanks! 🙂


    thanks, sathej! off the usual track? don’t think so….

    @amrit and shyam

    thanks, guys, for dropping by. welcome to my space! 🙂

  10. Great., it is a good feeling.
    But Happy EMI days 🙂

  11. priyaiyer


    thanks! guess this comment was meant for the grihapravesam post?
    EMI? dont even remind me of that… looks like ‘everlasting monthly installment’ to us now.. 😦

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