Something caught my attention in an M&B some time ago (yes, even M&Bs can be enlightening AT TIMES!!!) and has been with me ever since. I finally dug it out, and here it is:

Climbing, hiking, camping–those have been an important part of my life ever since I was a boy. They’re at the heart of my work, because whatever I’ve learned by my ventures into the mountains affected my professional vision, too.

I tell myself I should be grateful for having had all those years of physical freedom. That adjusting to the damned wheelchair is just a matter of learning to explore the world in a different way.

~ From ‘A dance on the edge’

Something I am feeling very strongly about of late…



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3 responses to “Ponderism

  1. Touching excerpt. And a good book it looks like – A Dance on the Edge, good title. And btw nice title to your post as well – Ponderism!! 😛 Take care..best wishes..


  2. See, I always knew M & B’s had little gems of wisdom like this one in them.
    And the man who thinks that once confined to a wheelchair is similar to a number of strong and wonderful people who have faced similar situations with a smile.

  3. priyaiyer


    thank you! 🙂


    exactly. i loved the way these lines bring out how important physical activities like hiking and climbing have been in the person’s life, and then the way the person adapts to the situation when he is deprived of all physical activity.

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