Endless depths

I paddle in your waters,

To find fishes for cheap survival;

But you draw me to your endless depths

With your currents;

A magnificent world of myriad hues

Is what you show me;

With awe and adulation,

The mildest of trepidation,

Each time I delve into you, I find –

Coral and pearl is what you have in store for me.


Image Source: Here


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7 responses to “Endless depths

  1. goood..
    hold it..dont ever try to kill coral & pearl laying duck..

  2. priyaiyer


    thanks, but i just don’t get it! duck???? care to enlighten me????

  3. hey I must admit..you are back..really back, back with a bang

  4. priyaiyer


    welcome back, and thanks a lot! 🙂


    thank u! i hope i am back too! in the word of easily-flowing words, i mean! 🙂

  5. Nice poem…and the picture. They evoke feelings in me, as if I’m standing at Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair in a cool November morning and watching the fishes of varied colours, the clown fish, the zebra fish…

    And the character of Ashima, aha! An author lives in her characters. Jhumpa Lahiri, she is Ashima to me unless I read another book of hers that offers equally intimate characters. As to “Interpreter of maladies”, well, she has only characters and characters, very authentic, very memorable.

    Thanks, Priya.


  6. priyaiyer

    @nanda sir,

    thanks for visiting again, and leaving a comment. means a lot, coming from you. glad u liked the poem.

    yes, the character of Ashima or, for that matter, all characters created by Lahiri, are intense. that’s one reason i like reading her. 🙂

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