Language of louu

I read this post here and SO wanted to do one of my own. Every family has a ‘Language of Louu’, unique to itself. So did we. One of the best parts I remember from my growing-up years. What was ours?


I talked the usual Ikka (water), Jojo (bath), tacchi mammam (curd rice) kiddie-style language, and then grew out of it. I still do that language at times, just for the heck of bugging mom and for the joy of watching her tell me ‘Grow up!’ 😛

There are a few distinct words, though, that I identify with my family. A silly, little smile still creeps up on my face whenever I think of them. Here are some that I clearly recollect:

Kaasare Boosare

This was and is my paternal granny’s favourite, and I grew to love listening to her say it. Meaning: Something weird, out of the ordinary

Like, she’d say – Idhu enna kaasare boosare nu oru dress?



Ah! The number of times I’ve heard this word is uncountable. Used to be an all-time favourite of Gramps. Meaning: Confusion, mischief

He ALWAYS used to go – Romba parambatal adikkara indha ponnu!


Achu Pichu

Meaning: Dumbhead, in a fond sort of way. That came from the maternal grandfather. He oh-so-often uses it, saying something like – Achu Pichu! Varadha irundha phone panni solla vendaama?


Vayaru mutittha?

This is a question my paternal grandmother commonly asks. And I love it. Meaning: Are you full? Literal translation: Does your stomach hit cow-style? (Is your stomach so full that it would hit others like a cow hits with its horns?)



Another one from Gramps. Meaning: Go away, leave me alone. As a kid and teenager, I would bug him when he’d be doing something important and he’d go: Ettu! To which I would promptly respond – ‘Ombodu!’


Jil jil tara bulbul

A lyrical gem from my maternal grandfather, specially reserved for me. When I used to be a really little, cute kid, he would take me out whenever I pestered mom and he happened to be there. He’d sing me this song – Jil jil tara bulbul, bulbul tara jil jil. And I used to begin giggling instantly. He only had to say ‘Jil Jil’ in a hushed voice when I was kinda grouchy, and I would begin grinning.


Thanks a lot, Shal, for making me go through those pages of life once again! 🙂

Anything I have missed out on, sis?

What’s your own language of louu, people? Would love to hear from you! 🙂

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19 responses to “Language of louu

  1. Priya! This was lovely.-) So glad to have come across it. I loved the Jil Jil Tara Bulbul. What does it mean?

  2. Soooo poignant, nostalgic, touching, short of words 🙂 Nice post! 🙂 Can relate a lot to it..


  3. So Tam!!!! 🙂
    I know these too!
    What about Kanna Pinna???

  4. priyaiyer

    @mom gone mad

    welcome to UP! glad u liked reading thru the post.. i should thank you for the idea.. made me revisit some lovely memories.. and ya, do keep coming back 🙂

    jil jil as such doesnt have any meaning.. it was just a nonsense family louu song coined by my grandpa to cheer me up 🙂


    thanks a lot, sathej! why don’t you take this up too? would love to read your list…


    do you? u grew up around these words too, is it? nice…
    yes, kanna pinna is something i kept hearing too.. 🙂

  5. SG

    Nice post. Loved it. Couple of words come to my mind. Lootty (adikadhey). (pesaama) Thaachiko.

  6. lol…brought a smile to my face…:D…i’ve to think back and see if anything like this comes up in my mind 😀

  7. nice… the way, I happened to beat your 130 song list….moved to 205 😀 do check it out at must admit that I am an occassional blogger…not as frequent as you are…and as I said in my previous comment…stumbled onto your blog while searching for a telugu song list ((my search was slow songs)

  8. very nice post.. I do have a lot of these ass I had this habit of picking up words and giving them a cute twist and making everybody use those words. My parents still use my cutesy words when talking to me . Feels really good.

  9. veshamam….and one common word in my family kids (from the eldest – meself to my 5 yr old cousin) – uckle…for chocolate 🙂

  10. Oh and I have truckloads and truckloads of such words to speak of! Will do this too … Sometime soon .. Achu pichu is the eternal favorite… Although it is completed with “aatha parthuko”.. wonder why..

  11. hey this was lovely..I guess I would want to do a post on that language too 🙂

  12. priyaiyer


    welcome here. glad u liked the post 🙂
    oh, we used those words a lot too 🙂


    sure.. would love to read your version 🙂


    wonderful list.. will check out the songs one by one pretty soon 🙂


    thats nice.. 🙂
    btw welcome to UP! 🙂


    he he.. nice nice 🙂


    take it up na.. would love to read yours.. 🙂


    thanks. do take it up… would be nice to read your version 🙂

  13. heheh thanks…will embed the videos for the available ones 😀 have mores ongs in mind like Hai Dhuan by Vikas Bhalla etc…and of course by Ustad Ghulam Ali and any song by the eternal rafi saab 😀

  14. priyaiyer


    pls do include the links.. would be a lot of help 🙂 would love to check out the songs soon 🙂

  15. Kiran Manral

    Loved this post. Makes me nostalgic for my childhood when I had nicknames for everything, and reminds me to do the same for my son…

  16. Brinda Jayaram

    Hey girl!!! U did not post the complete song Jil Jil Tara Bulbul? 😉

  17. priyaiyer


    glad to see you here… why dont you do your version of this post? would be loads of fun to read 🙂


    i can just recall that line. was there more? 😐

  18. hey lovely post!
    my great grandfather used to call me ‘samatthu kodam’
    other words were
    ‘apuchi’ for snacks;
    my grandma used to sing this 4-liner for me, its quite difficult to write in english, but it meant ‘thangakutty’ don’t ever go to the goldsmith, he will think u r pure gold and will never let u go 🙂 ;
    ‘ooku’ for potato;
    ‘yedheshtam’ for ample

    hmmm fond memories getting refreshed here 🙂

  19. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome here! glad u liked the post and that it evoked some sweet memories 🙂
    nice to read ur version.. keep visiting! cheers! 🙂

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