Dance, baby, dance! :)

Destination Infinity had tagged me some time back to post some of my most favourite fast, furious and danceable songs.  I loved the concept, and am thankful to DI for suggesting this tag. 🙂

Well, here go the songs:

  1. Ho gayi teri balle balle
  2. Bolo ta ra ra ra
  3. Mauja hi mauja
  4. Ke pag ghungroo bandh
  5. Baar baar dekho
  6. Nagada baja
  7. Mitwaa
  8. Kajra re
  9. Ae meri zohra jabeen
  10. Pyaar ki ye kahani suno
  11. Dholi taro
  12. Chamma chamma
  13. Sayonee
  14. Dola re dola re
  15. Gela gela
  16. Channa ve ghar aa ja ve
  17. Appadi podu
  18. Oh podu
  19. Where is the party? (Tamil)
  20. Manmatha raasa
  21. Odhni odhu ne udi udi jaaye
  22. Sanedo
  23. Kesariyo rang tane lagyo
  24. Chayya chayya
  25. Hamma hamma
  26. Koi kahe, kehta rahe
  27. Mast kalandar
  28. Mann ke manjeere
  29. Ali more angna
  30. Dhoom macha le
  31. Ishq bina
  32. Ayi re ayi re khushi
  33. Chak de phatte
  34. Khalbali hai khalbali
  35. Mohe mohe tu rang de basanti
  36. Mera piya ghar aaya
  37. Jai ho
  38. Ramta jogi
  39. Ghanan ghanan

There might some songs that do not fall strictly in the categories of ‘fast and furious’ or ‘dance songs’, but all of these songs are worth a mention here. All of these songs set something loose in me. I am not at all a dance kind of person, but these songs make me tap my feet, and if the mood is just right, make me want to get up and do a step or two.

Hope I haven’t missed out any of my favourites in this category.

Haffun, people! 🙂


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19 responses to “Dance, baby, dance! :)

  1. Interesting collection.
    Where is the party you mean from Kal ho na ho?? The link leads to SILAMBATTAM-Ennamo Pannalam

  2. s w a t

    When I am in the mood I like Sooperu from Maasilamani 😀

  3. priyaiyer


    thanks! that was a fast comment! 🙂

    where is the party? – i meant the song from silambattam only.. that’s what the ‘tamil’ tag meant! duh! 😐

  4. Oh ok! Sorry!
    I haven’t heard this one and had no idea this was called where is the party 😀

  5. How about doing another interesting tag as this? 😀 Just a thought 🙂

  6. priyaiyer


    oh.. i haven’t heard that one.. shall check out 🙂


    that’s ok.. just kidding 🙂 i call this song where is the party? bcos that’s part of the lyrics 🙂

    nice tag.. shall take it up some time soon.. in fact, was just thinking of doing it today afternoon, but didn’t 🙂

  7. How’ve ya been mrs. iyer? 🙂

  8. huh?! Oh MY… you spent quite sometime on this huh?? 😛

  9. Well…actually I am tagged for this one too 🙂 Just not finding enough time to conjure the list but I see some of the songs I had in mind are in your about Dus Bahane or Deedar De? Even Ishq by Sukhbir, Dil Lagi Kudi Gujraat Di by Jassi and so on 🙂

  10. And surprisingly BEEDI JALAIRE is not there 😦

  11. And any introduction song from a Vijay movie is a foot tapping number…(anyone from his slew of movies..Ghilli/Aadhi/Sivakasi/Pokkiri/Madure/Thirumalai/Tirupachi/Villu etc)…

  12. Billo Rani from Goal…ahh I can go on and on 😀

  13. Othukka mudiyadhu. You have missed out these –
    1. Pappu cant dance Saala
    2. Aathichudi
    3. Dhan te nan
    😀 Good list, nevertheless.

  14. priyaiyer


    mrs. iyer has been doing good, mr. phatichar. how are mr. and mrs. phatichar doing? LOL..


    oh yes, LOADS.. did it little by little daily 🙂

  15. priyaiyer

    @vivek and kaushik

    looks like i might have missed out on some songs.. some songs from your list i haven’t heard.. gotta check out 🙂 some, i have heard but they don’t make ME dance!! yes, yes, i am weird! 🙂

  16. And this one…Kajra Re 😀

  17. priyaiyer


    that’s there in the list!! 😐

  18. whoops…my apologies 😀

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