One doubt!!!

I have a doubt – There are some things like Golu and Varaha Maha Lakshmi Pooja that a married girl is supposed to do only if there is a vazhakam of the same at the maamiyaar’s place. What if the girl has a GREAT desire to do all this, has always dreamt of it, but it is not done at the MIL’s place?

Should she just go ahead and do it, following her heart? Or, should she never do it in life, as it would invite the wrath of God, as some people say? If she decides to do it, is there any initiation proceedure that she is supposed to do?

Pliss to consult your ammas and paatis and maamis and elders and let me know!! Thanks!

PS: Maybe I am falling into the category of ‘smug-marrieds’, as Bridget Jones says!

PS 2: I really want a serious answer to this one, pliss!



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8 responses to “One doubt!!!

  1. Me

    IMHO…amma, maamis and paatis don’t have the right answer… You should consult your family shastrigal assuming he has good knowledge on religious texts.

    If nobody in your inlaws family have done it before & if your shastrigal says you can start it. Then go ahead but if someone has done it but it caused bad effects like death in the family. I would never try it.

    My grandfather’s father started following a new vratham after finding vratham threads & some sacred stuff while doing sandhyavandhanam in a river!

  2. Praveen

    I have no authority to answer this, yet as far as I know, it’s left to the DIL to follow what she wants if she likes. MIL’s do accommodate the new practice of the DIL, at least has worked that way with my cousins and friends. Most families these days are that liberal. Golu is fun, but its over now no? And today is Karwa Chauth?

  3. No idea girlie! Take care!

  4. priyaiyer

    @praveen and me

    thanks for sharing your views… i guess i need to think a bit more on this one.. 🙂


    thanks anyways, girl! 🙂

  5. Neela

    In my opinion, you should start the Varalakshmi Vratham and Golu even if it is not followed by your MIL. Start these poojas involving your MIL and elders in the first year.

    Any pooja or offering given to the God with sincerity would be good. You will also have a satisfied mind having done this.

    I believe in Religious Mind brings Harmony around their people. I am sure it will bring good to all your family members .

  6. priyaiyer


    welcome here, and a hearty thanks for taking out the time to comment… this is an issue really close to my heart..

    i fully understand what you mean when you say – “Any pooja or offering given to the God with sincerity would be good. You will also have a satisfied mind having done this.” that’s what i keep thinking too – how can something that’s done with a pure heart and the best of intentions have negative effects, even though it has never been done in the family before?

    i still need to think and discuss more on this…

  7. There were a lot of such pazhakkams absent in my dad’s family-side, but my mom loved to do it and though there were no girl-children in the house to help (wrt Golu), my mom always wanted to keep it. We probably kept a very small one once or twice, if I remember rightly. Also, I can say for sure that the Satyanarayana Poojai/Vritham was absent in dad’s side, but my mom did it for a lot of years. Same for the Friday-Mahalakshmi Poojai. She had two reasons for the same –
    1. Manam irundhaal maarga-bandhu. 😀
    2. She also said it is definitely possible to initiate the pazhakkam into the family. The saastrigal of the household probably can initiate. It is not that all the families that have such pazhakkams began it from one of Manu’s direct descendants, someone mostly introduced it in between.
    But yes, just confirm with your pukk-aam that there is no jinx or bad omen associated with doing such things on their side, else, I’d say you should go ahead and do it.
    And PS: Definitely do blog about your first Golu or Varaha Mahalakshmi Pooja, if and when you manage to do it. 🙂

  8. priyaiyer


    thanks for sharing your thoughts.. it did help me a lot in getting some clarity…

    and yes, if i do get around to do golu or varaha mahalakshmi pooja, i will blog about it for sure.. 🙂

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