I’m back…

…. after a long and much-deserved break, all refreshed and excited. I’m ready to begin ranting on my blog once more. And what better way to re-start than a rant about books? So, here I am.

The start of our trip was pretty good – it involved a visit to Crossword at the Bangalore Airport, as we had time to kill. And that’s where I discovered Chetan Bhagat’s latest book – 2 states, supposedly the story of his marriage. Of course, I had to get my hands on it.

I finished the book amidst much hullabaloo and festivity at Ahmedabad and while enjoying the picture-perfect beaches of Diu, where the better half and I took off to for a quiet break-in-between-a-break for a couple of days.

Like his first three books, Bhagat’s latest is also a light and easy read. It has all the masala that you need, and a Bollywood-film-worthy storyline and melodrama. But, as always, it was a fun read, witty, humorous and a sincere painting of the world as it looks from Bhagat’s eyes.

2 states is the story of Krish, a Punjabi boy who meets a Tam-Brahm girl Ananya and falls in love with her at IIMA. It is the story of the trials that they both face in convincing their respective set of parents that they are the right match for each other and in persuading them to bless them on their marriage. It is a portrait of how both Ananya and Krish see a new world – their partner’s world – consisting of their relatives, food habits, customs, et al.

Being a Gujarat-bred Tam-Brahm myself, I could SO relate to what Bhagat is trying to convey about stereotypical Tam-Brahms and Punjabis. If taken in the right sense, his writing style is indeed witty and sincere.

I would say I liked the book for its humour and LOL lines rather than the storyline or insight. If you are looking for a quick, fun read, go for it!!!!

PS: More about the trip and the Thala Deepavali in the next post!!


My rating: 3 stars

I read this book for the 4-month Challenge, under the 20-points category – Read a book of your choice BUT read it outside. 🙂

Points so far: 80


Song on my mind:



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18 responses to “I’m back…

  1. Praveen

    Welcome back! 🙂
    I just posted on 2 States last evening.

  2. Read this from start to finish…in a go just as I like 🙂 I would give 2.75 a typical bollywood masala…

  3. And somehow I do not like this song…by Sahotas…dunno why!!!Right from the first time I heard it..but yes, those were the days of Indi Pop.

  4. oh I didnt know he had a new book out :)..last one of his was horrible

    anyways diu sounds beautiful..how about some pics

  5. Priya, you should have an email subscription option on your blog. Not everyone uses readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo, etc (at least I don’t).
    In case you aren’t sure where to look for, try feedblitz.com

  6. An out of place comment….but anyways..I heard this amazing song today…thought of sharing it

    Love Aaj Kal – Aaj Din Chedeya.. by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan…beautiful one 🙂

  7. Nice that you had a good well deserved vacation 🙂 And a nice Thala Diwali too 🙂 The book – ya have read only one book so far – Five Point Someone. A page-turner. Though, he has a way of hyping up things, as you say, its sometimes good for a light read.


  8. priyaiyer


    thank you for the warm welcome, and thanks for the link as well. shall check out yours and poonam’s review soon 🙂


    such books are good for a break from serious reading 🙂

  9. priyaiyer


    i didnt like his last book too.. i liked this one a little better, though it is typically Bollywoodish.. 🙂

    pics – yes, sure, i will post some as soon as i can 🙂


    thanks for the suggestion.. will look into that soon 🙂

  10. priyaiyer


    oh, it is typical bollywood masala all right! 🙂

    as for the song, i dunno why, i like it, though the lyrics are not that great 🙂

    aaj din chaddeya – i LOVE the song.. i did include it in one of my previous posts as well 🙂

  11. Welcome back dear! I am jealous… you went to Diu! Wow! That was cool… I would love to go to beaches but.. state of my affairs are a bit on the no traveling side 😦
    so i m hanging around for the next 6 + 3 months 🙂

    i haven’t read any of his books… but i think i must read one.

  12. Princess

    welcome back friend and so glad u came back with a finished book to fulfill part of the challenge.

  13. Praveen

    sure and you also have a pending feedback of the music I shared on your previous posts 😀

  14. priyaiyer


    yes, we went to diu! and it was amazing.. that was the better half’s diwali gift 🙂

    is that a good news i hear? congratssssss 😀

    u havnt read chetan bhagat?? :O go, pick up one of his books soon!!!

  15. priyaiyer


    thanks a lot! 🙂


    yes, i remember! will do that soon! 🙂

  16. One more song…

    Chand Sa Mukhda by Ali Haider 🙂 During the glorious days of IndiPop…

    ALso Tere Bin Jeena Nahi by Bali Bramhabhatt

  17. @vivek

    sure.. will check out 🙂

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