Girls of Riyadh

While I was in Ahmedabad, I had the opportunity of going to one of my favourite places, where I have spent many a quiet Sunday afternoon – the Landmark store. It was there that I saw and picked up this book called Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea. I first read about this book on Divya’s blog, and thought it had a really interesting storyline.

Girls of Riyadh is a story of four girlfriends living in Riyadh – Sadeem, Michelle, Gamrah and Lamees. The story is told in the form of a set of e-mails sent out by an anonymous person to members of a particular Riyadhi group. The sender later identifies herself as a friend of the four girls, but does not reveal her true identity. The story revolves around the relationships and break-ups and heart-breaks of the four friends, at the same time bringing to light the conservative culture of Riyadh as well as the mentality of the society. In other words, the book is about ‘life behind the veil’.

In spite of the serious storyline, the book has the chick-lit element to it and is quite an easy read. The writing style is unique and quite simple. I found myself shocked at some parts of it, and laughing away at others. All in all, I found it a rather OK-ish book. Somehow, I couldn’t find myself growing attached to the book, as I usually do.

Why don’t you check this one out? You might like it better than I did.

If you have already read this book, do drop in with your feedback on it. Would love to know.


My rating: 2 stars

I read this book for the OT ’09 Challenge. The stopover this time was at Saudi Arabia.

The countdown: 7 down, 3 more to go! 🙂


Check out this fun song:


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7 responses to “Girls of Riyadh

  1. I have always thought that I cannot enjoy chick-lit until i have had a tough book to read or a heavy on for that matter 🙂
    This one sounds good. Maybe someday when i am in a mood for something fun and entertaining, i will surely try it 🙂

  2. Am occupied with Jeffery Archer and my wedding preps now…will try to check it out…

    Try listening to Isi Ko Pyar Kehte Hain by Shaan from the album Ek Tukda Chand Ka…this is one song which you cannot miss 🙂

  3. priyaiyer


    even i need chick-lit when i need to de-stress after a heavy book… though heavy for me need not be heavy for someone else 😛

    do let me know how you liked this book, if you do get around to reading it..


    oh i see… sure, will check out the song, but i have the feeling i have already heard it…

  4. One more suggestion from the 90’s – Kya Tum Mujhse Pyar Karte Ho from the movie Naajayaz (I like the other song too – Tujhe Pyar Karte Karte Teri Neend Tak Uda Doon :D)

  5. priyaiyer


    thanks! will check out! 🙂

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  7. Anonymous

    I am currently reading this ebook, seems interesting, the lives of people in the forbidden, conservative kingdom…

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