I’ve set the ball rolling…

….. as far as the 100 Shots of Short Challenge goes.Β  I’m done with the first eight short stories out of 100.

1st shot of short: Next Stop: Table for Two – Cecelia Ahern

As the name suggests, it is a mushy story. What better way than this to begin the Challenge? πŸ™‚

The central character of the story is Lucy, a girl in her thirties and not yet in love. A girl who wants to fall in love, desperately, but has never met the right one, and is now doubtful that love is only for a few lucky ones.Β  A girl who works in a restaurant, who turns in for duty on Valentine’s Day, because she has nowhere else she’d rather go. A girl who keeps watching as one couple after another come in and share a meal with love, and keeps hurting inside and smiling outside. A girl who gets sick and tired of hearing the words – ‘Table for two’.

I’ll not break the suspense any more, and leave you to read the story and find out on your own. I’d just say that it is a cute story, with a kind of fairytale element to it. I liked it for what Lucy did towards the end of the story.

You can read the story online here.

Shona, thanks a lot for the link!!


2nd shot of short: Christmas Timing – Maeve Binchy (from This Year It Will Be Different and Other Stories)

Christmas Timing is a story about a couple – Noel and Chris – who are involved in an extramarital affair. Chris is married and has two kids. Both of them are extremely fond of doing personality and relationship quizzes wherever they can find them – in magazines or in newspapers. The story is based on a Christmas-day quiz that they both do at the same time. It is a sad story, which kind of left me depressed.


3rd shot of short: The gift of the Magi – O. Henry (from O. Henry – 100 Selected Stories)

This story needs no introduction. I decided to read it once more, after a long, long time, and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Another Christmas-time story, this one again left my heart feeling heavy.

Available online here


4th shot of short: How the camel got its hump – Rudyard Kipling ( from Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection)

This one is a light-hearted fable about the animals long, long ago and how the camel got a hump on account of its laziness. It was a welcome diversion and I had a smile on my face by the time I finished reading it.

Available online here


5th shot of short: A telephone call – Dorothy Parker

I read this story online here, thanks to Shona! It is a sweet story about a girl waiting for a phone call from her beloved (or maybe, someone she is immensely attracted to). It revolves around her thoughts as she waits fro him to call. I could relate to it at some points, and liked the story greatly.


6th shot of short: Useless beauty – Guy De Maupassant (from Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection)

It is a story about the Count and the Comtesse Mascaret, of which the latter is extremely beautiful. It is about the reactions of the society and the husband to the extreme prettiness of the wife. Though I am not sure I got the point the author is trying to drive home, it left me feeling sad.

Available online here


7th shot of short: Memoirs of a yellow dog – O. Henry (from O. Henry – 100 Selected Stories)

I decided to read this story just because the title intrigued me a lot. It is a cute, happy story about a yellow-coloured dog, his mistress and his henpecked master.

Available online here


8th shot of short: The selfish giant – Oscar Wilde (from Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection)

Again, a classic story that needs no introduction. I decided to revisit it after having read it as a student. It is a nice, fairytale kind of story that I enjoyed a lot.

Available online here

The Count: 8 down, 92 more to go! I am loving it!! πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “I’ve set the ball rolling…

  1. God! Priya, you are supposed to read ONE AT A TIME and not 8! God! you are HUGE competition πŸ˜›

    I will have to buck my reading now πŸ˜€

    I like the sound of all your reads… I am going to check them out in the near future!

  2. Rightly said Veens πŸ™‚ I need to post all my reviews soon if I have to keep up with this crazy reader lady πŸ˜‰ who reads 8 at a time..

    Priya , great yaar , u are my new inspiration for doing things right now and not leaving it till the last minute..

    Great links too πŸ™‚ Kipling story I think I have read before .

  3. priyaiyer


    not really, just caught up with a bit of reading over the weekend!
    do let me know how you liked these stories..


    same as above… πŸ˜€
    you might have read the kipling story before, it’s a rather famous one…

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