Some more shots!!

I’m back to rant about some more short stories that I read over the weekend. Here they are:

16th shot of short: The death of a government clerk – Anton Chekov

Available online here

This is a story about a government clerk, as the title suggests. It is about how a very small thing can become HUGE if you keep on thinking about it and become really serious. I don’t know how else to describe this story. Check it out yourself!!

Though it has a sad tinge to it, the story is quite humourous at the same time. It is quite a different kind of short story.

17th shot of short: Talent – Anton Chekov

Available online here

Thanks for the link, Shona!

This story is about an artist, who lives in a dream world. He has huge dreams of making it big, but no efforts to realize them. His admirer Katya shares in his dreams as well, making it impossible for him to get out of his reverie. I would have liked a proper ending to this story, which is left to the reader’s imagination.

Favourite quotes: The artist drank a glass of vodka, and the dark cloud in his soul gradually disappeared, and he felt as though all his inside was smiling within him.

18th shot of short: A lickpenny lover – O Henry

Available online here

I read this story from the book O Henry – 100 Selected Stories.

It is about Masie, a beautiful salesgirl at the men’s gloves counter at the Biggest Store. She has men begging for her attention all the time, but she wishes to find a rich man so that she can live a life of luxury. And she does find one – Irving Carter.

The story has the typical O Henry twist to it, and makes for an interesting read.

Favourite quotes: She stood behind her counter in the Biggest Store; and as you closed your hand over the tape line for your glove measure, you thought of Hebe; and as you looked again, you wondered how she had come by Minerva’s eyes.

19th shot of short: The third ingredient – O Henry

Available online here

I read this story from the book O Henry – 100 selected stories.

This is a cute, mushy story about three people who have the ingredients for making beef stew – one has the beef, one has an onion and one has a potato. O Henry has beautifully woven this story into a fairytale-like romance with a dash of humour to it.

20th shot of short: The open window – Saki

Available online here

I read this story from the book Classic short stories – Reader’s Digest Collection. It was fun reading this story after long, after having read it in school.

It is a humourous story about a 15-year-old girl Vera, who is asked to ‘entertain’ a certain Mr. Nuttel, a visitor at their place, till her aunt gets ready and comes to meet him.

21st shot of short: The lottery ticket – Anton Chekov

Available online here

I read this story from the book Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection.

This is a humourous story about a couple who have purchased a lottery ticket and are about to check out the results of the drawing in the newspaper. Makes for a nice, light read.

22nd shot of short: The last leaf – O Henry

Available online here

I read this story from the book O Henry – 100 Selected Stories. I loved this story when I had it in school, and I loved it now once again.

It is about two artists Sue and Johnsie, who are very close friends. Johnsie is afflicted with pneumonia and is in a rather fragile condition. She loses her will to live and is somehow struck by the strange notion that she will die as soon as the last leaf falls from the ivy plant that they can see from their window.

It is a sad story, but a beautiful one at that.


So, that is that, and that puts the count for the 100 Shots of Short Challenge at 22 down, 78 more to go!

How are you enjoying your short stories, folks?



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3 responses to “Some more shots!!

  1. GOD! I regret, having you to compete with LOL! I am so losing this 😦

    SOme good stories, all noted down, none read!

  2. Praveen

    I am puffing and panting 😛

  3. priyaiyer


    don’t worry, girl! with the pace at which my life is going, i hope i can continue this at the same pace..



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