The ideal family – Katherine Mansfield

23rd shot of short: The ideal family – Katherine Mansfield

Available online here

This is the story of Mr. Neaves, a man on whom old age is creeping in, and his family. His family appears to outsiders to be an ideal one, the kind that you read about and see on stage. But the reality is quite different.

It is quite a sad story, and left me feeling a tad depressed.

I read this story from Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection.

Favourite quote: No man had a right to such eyes, such lashes, and such lips; it was uncanny.


I read this for the 100 Shots of Short Challenge. 78 stories more to go, for the Challenge, but I must say I would love to go beyond that!!

People, I am tired of reading sad stuff, and desperately need a shot of energy (read = some feel-good, happy, short stories). If you have any, please to share the loot!



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4 responses to “The ideal family – Katherine Mansfield

  1. Praveen

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  2. i liked this one –

    this sounds good… but as u said i m also a bit in the mood for happy happy stories!

  3. I think most of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s stories are light and fun..Try her stories..Also Jeffrey Archer .He is more contemporary in short stories and they are very interesting .

  4. priyaiyer


    thanks a lot for the links.. shall check the places out soon 🙂


    read it and LOVED it.. waiting to read more..
    thanks a lot for the link 🙂


    thanks for the suggestions.. shall definitely try out 🙂

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