Some more short stories

For the 100 Shots of Short Challenge

38th shot of short: The Christmas tree and the wedding by Fyodor Dostoevsky

I had always wanted to read Fyodor Dostoevsky, but never did. So, when I came across this story in Veens’s blog, I went for it.

In this story, the author reminisces about a children’s party that he attended some years back, as an outsider – a children’s party which served the purpose of helping their rich parents meet and form acquaintances which would help further their business activities. The author has nothing to do and observes the children and elders at the party. He is particularly amused by one Mr. Julian Mastakovich, who comes to know of the huge dowry that the rich parents of a little girl have amassed for her.

It is a well-written story, but a sad one. I quite liked it, though. Very hard-hitting.

Available online here


39th shot of short: The Christmas surprise at Enderly Road by Lucy Maud Montgomery

After that heavy story, I needed something to cheer me up, and for that, I turned to none other than Ms. Montgomery.

This is a cute story about a little girl called Maggie, who is disappointed because she and her friend would not be able to decorate their school room and surprise their teacher Ms. Davis. It is a very, very predictable story, but a feel-good one and a fun read.

Available online here


40th shot of short: Don’t stop now by Al Riske

I knew I wanted to read this story as soon as I read about it in Veens’s blog.

It is about two 17-year-olds in Washington in 1972, who are apparently attracted to each other. It revolves around a trip that they make to Shelton Lake. It is not the usual kind of story with a proper conclusion and all, but it is very cute and a fun read. It left me all smiles.

Available online here


41st shot of short: The romance of a busy broker by O Henry

This was an absolutely delightful read that I chanced upon in the book O Henry – 100 selected stories.

It is about an extremely busy broker, who finds no time for romancing the girl he loves – his stenographer. Finally, in the midst of a hectic day, he decides to profess his love for her and propose marriage to her. I could picture the broker in my head – with his hands full of papers and a pencil behind one of his ears, with a tensed look on his face, popping the big question to his lady love.

It is a nice, humourous story, with the typical O Henry touch to it.

Available online here


42nd shot of short: This year it will be different by Maeve Binchy

I read this story from the book This year it will be different.

It is about a working wife, who is tired of her hectic days managing both work and home, with absolutely no help from her husband and kids. This year, she vows to change things. Her family realises this, and plans a surprise for her.

It is a beautiful story, one that I could relate with a lot, being a working wife myself (thankfully, not in a pitiable condition like the protagonist of the story). It is funny, touching, strong and sad – all the same time. You have to check out the story yourself to get what I mean!

I couldn’t find it online, though!



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