More short story updates

For the 100 Shots of Short Challenge

54th shot of short: The princess and the pea by Hans Christian Andersen

This is a cute little story that I had read years ago, came across by accident now and decided to revisit. It is about a prince who wishes to marry ‘a real princess’ and, on meeting with a princess one fine day, decides to test if she is the real thing.

This really short story had me saying ‘Awww’ by the time I had finished reading it and smiling. Check it out!!

Available online here

55th shot of short: Christmas every day by William D Howells

I came across this story while browsing Classic Reader randomly, and somehow felt I would like it. And I LOVED it!

It is a very sweet story about a little girl who loves Christmas and asks her father to tell her a story about the festival.  Her dad tells her the story of a little girl who wanted it to be Christmas every day. It is a cute, feel-good story that makes for an entertaining read.

Available online here

56th shot of short: A mother’s tale by James Agee

I read this story at the suggestion of Veens, and am I happy I read it!! It is a heart-touching story, written from the point of view of a mother cow talking to her kids about the perils of their world and being used by man for meeting his unjust needs. It is very, very thought-provoking. It beautifully brings out the pain of animals going to the slaughter house. At the end of it, I was sad.

I read several interpretations of the story online, at different levels, the most common one being the author’s strong advocacy of vegetarianism. What stood out most for me in the story was the concern of the mother for the well-being of her innocent kids. The question a kid puts to her at the end, ‘What’s a train?’ makes the story all the more touching. I will never again be able to think of cows or beef now without thinking of this story, I’m sure.

All in all, I would say it is a must-read.

Available online here


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