Short story updates

For the 100 Shots of Short Challenge

58th shot of short: Fat and thin by Anton Chekhov

I read this story at the suggestion of Shona.

It is the tale of two childhood friends, who meet after several years. One of them finds that the other has attained a very high post and social standing. The story provides a nice insight into the way the society usually works, till date.

Available online here

59th shot of short:The Snow Storm by Alexander Pushkin

The snowstorm is the story of a rich young girl and a poorer guy, who are in love and decide to elope. However, fate has other plans for them. Both of them face a severe snowstorm on the way to the church where they are to be wedded. And, their life changes. It is a love story, but a tragic one, and it left me feeling a little sad.

Available online here

Thanks to HPal for the link!



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3 responses to “Short story updates

  1. GOD! You are in 50s already 😀
    I am still on 19! Lemme gear up and res LOL!

  2. HPal

    Hi Priya

    It was my pleasure that, you spared time to read the story, But I wonder how you became sad after reading. It is a happy ending as Maria and Bourmin fall in love without knowing that they were weded husband and wife on that fatefull night of snow storm. They think that they could not marry because they are already married to somebody they don’t know. In the end when Maria says
    “Then it was you! And you do not recognize me?”
    This is pleasant coincidende, which is one of the beauty of the story after the description of the snow storm. This is regarded one of the three all time best short stories ( with O Henri’s “The Gift” and Guy De Mopassant’s “The Diamond Neckless”)

    I suggest you read again whenever you can spare some time, I am sure you would enjoy it and realise the jests life has to offer some times.

  3. priyaiyer


    LOL… all the best, girl!! 🙂


    thanks for the comment.. the description of the snowstorm, the tragedy that the young Maria and her poor lover have to face on account of the snowstorm made me feel kinda gloomy. of course, the climax is positive and happy – that of maria falling in love with Bourmin, to whom she is already wedded. the story made me think of the cruel turns that life sometimes takes… i agree, sometimes they might be for the best.. 🙂

    i love o henry’s ‘gift of the magi’… yet to read ‘the diamond necklace’ by guy de maupassant… thanks a lot for the suggestions.

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