RIP Erich Segal

Love Story and Man, Woman and Child are all I have ever read by him. Yet, his passing away hit me hard. I recently started reading Doctors by him, and was beginning to like it quite a bit.

RIP Erich Segal. You will always live through your words.


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7 responses to “RIP Erich Segal

  1. Another wonderful author lost to the world.. i love his love story and the class.

  2. I have only read Love Story.


  3. Ava

    Noooo.. When did he die? I think Love Story is a classic. There has never been another love story like that .

  4. priyaiyer

    @bedazzled, praveen, veens and ava

    sad, isn’t it?
    May he RIP…

  5. Manmeet

    May he Rest In Peace……

  6. priyaiyer



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