RIP JD Salinger

This comes as a real shocker, soon after Erich Segal’s passing away. I am yet to read his famous Catcher In The Rye, but I have heard so much about the book that this bit of news jolted me quite a bit.




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3 responses to “RIP JD Salinger

  1. Praveen


    Thats a lovely book Priya!

  2. Hey Priya,

    You must definitely read Catcher In The Rye…maybe as a tribute to JDS…what a sad thing his passing away is…for all the things that ‘Catcher..’ is. RIP JDS

  3. priyaiyer


    yes, i know.. i have heard a lot about it.. will try to catch up with the book soon..


    i will try to pick up the book soon… i have had it with me for ages, but somehow, never got around to reading it.. (as i do with most books till i get the inspiration to pick them up)… 🙂

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