Short story updates

For the 100 Shots Of Short Challenge

60th Shot of Short: The Cabuliwallah – Rabindranath Tagore

My maternal grandpa reminded me of this story, and I couldn’t stop myself from revisiting it after long years. It was fun to read this classic story of Tagore’s once more, after having read it in school. It still continues to touch me the same, beautiful way.

I guess, this story needs no introduction, as most have read it. For those who haven’t, it is a story of a fruit seller from Kabul and his friendship with a young Bengali girl called Mini. Tagore, as always, has beautifully painted the emotions of Mini, the Cabuliwallah and Mini’s parents. It is a must-read story, for sure!!

I read this one from the book Hungry Stones and Other Stories by Tagore.

Available online here

61st Shot of Short: The Pimienta Pancakes – O Henry

I have to thank Bedazzled for suggesting this beautiful short story.

This story is about a man called Judson, who has a strong dislike for pancakes. As the story unfurls, one comes to know the reason for his aversion. It is filled with the typical O Henry wit and humour, with a nice mushy touch to it. Makes for a nice, light, entertaining read!

Available online here

62nd Shot of Short: Miss Sally’s Letter – Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thanks to Veens for suggesting this story!

Miss Sally’s Letter is a cute, feel-good story about Aunt Sally, who is embittered about all men, and can never bring herself to trust any man. Though it has an element of sadness to it, the story left me feeling good at the end. I liked it quite a bit, in spite of it being quite predictable.

Available online here

Happy reading!!


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