More shots of short

For the 100 Shots of Short Challenge

63rd Shot of Short: The Rise And Fall Of Sharpie Cakes – Haruki Murakami

I read this pretty story from Murakami’s book Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman – a collection of his short stories. I LOVED it on first reading.

It is about a man who enters a competition to make a contemporary version of the extremely popular Sharpie Cakes. The contest is judged by the Sharpie Crows, who have been fed on Sharpie Cakes for years together, and can tell in an instant whether a cake is a Sharpie or not.

It is a story with a beautiful message to it, with the typical Murakami touch to it. Highly recommended!!

I couldn’t find this one online.

64th Shot of Short: The Homecoming – Rabindranath Tagore

This is yet another heart-touching story from the pen of Tagore that I read in my school years and revisited again. And I loved it the second time around too!

It is the story of Phatik, a mischievous boy who keeps fighting with his brother Makhan. Rather sadly, he is misunderstood by his mother as a good-for-nothing. It is a sad story, but one that touched the strings of my heart for sure. Do check it out!

I read this story from Tagore’s short story collection Hungry Stones And Other Stories.

Available online here



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4 responses to “More shots of short

  1. hmm… ALREADY 64!

    I really need to read something by Tagore!

  2. Murakami has been on my list for along time .. i ve read longer stories by Tagore.. should try out his short stories sometime .. i am still stuck on 6!!

  3. priyaiyer


    do pick up something by tagore. everything by him – short stories, poems – is beautiful.. i am sure you’ll love him 🙂


    as i said to veens, tagore is a must-read.. in love with his works totally for the beautiful emotions that he portrays..
    as for murakami, i was not much fond of his writing earlier, but am gradually exploring it once again… this time around, i am liking it.. really liking it.. 🙂

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