Attracted to fair

I fell in love with this cover as soon as I saw it at Shweta’s blog:

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine – I loved everything about this cover. The fair and beautiful princess with a mirror (?) in her hand, clad in red and black, the castles in the background – all give a very fairytale-y kind of feeling. And from what I gather, it is a fairytale-ish story too. Maybe I’ll pick up the book someday!! 🙂

Thank you, Marcia, for starting Cover Attraction! 🙂

What cover page/s are you attracted to this week?



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5 responses to “Attracted to fair

  1. Most of Gail Carson Levine’s books have such covers . There’s another one called Ever which has an even more charming cover. Hope u read this book soon. 🙂 It is ‘fairy tale -ish ‘ 🙂

  2. RustyNeurons

    Indeed it is beautiful. But more beautiful is your blog colours. I haven’t been here lately and I don’t know when you changed it, but I love the colours here. Very tranquil. 🙂 How have you been?

  3. priyaiyer


    I LOVED this cover. Let me see if I can pick up this book some time.
    Will try and find the cover of the other book – Ever – that you mention.

    @rusty neurons

    hey!! it has been such a long time.. I am doing good; how have you been?
    been a really long time since I read something by you… Checked out your blog a couple of times, but no updates 😦
    glad to know you liked the blog template.. I changed it some time back.. I like it quite a bit too.. 🙂

  4. Honestly I picked up this book after seeing the cover. It was an okay read. I would give it 3.5 on a scale of 5. You should try the Princess Tales series by Levine. I believe there are 6 stories. Those were good. I enjoyed them more than Fairest.

    I enjoyed your blog. Got here from Kals blog. Adding it to my “Blogs I Follow” list. 🙂

  5. priyaiyer


    hey!! welcome here!! 🙂
    i do look forward to reading some of levine’s books.. will check out the one you mention.. thanks for the suggestion 🙂
    am glad you liked it here! keep visiting!! 🙂

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