Oliver’s Story

After reading Erich Segal’s Love Story, I was eager to know what happened next. I couldn’t wait, and that was how I picked up Oliver’s Story at my next visit to the bookstore. I finished reading the sequel a couple of days back.

Note: Plot slightly revealed

Oliver’s Story didn’t leave me as touched or gasping for more like Love Story, but it’s not like I hated the book altogether.

Oliver’s Story continues two years after Love Story ends, where Jenny dies, leaving Oliver alone. Oliver is still too much in love with Jenny, but he realises he has to move on with life. He finds Marcie, a beautiful and mysterious woman, and both of them are instantly attracted to each other. And then love happens.

Oliver’s Story has the same charming style of Segal’s as there is in Love Story, a good mix of humour and mush. I quite liked the emotions that Segal brings forth in his writing, the kind of connect that you feel with the characters in his books.

What I didn’t like in this book was the storyline. Somehow, I couldn’t digest the path that the story took. Oliver came across as a confused person, impulsive and given to rash decisions. It felt like he wanted to love Marcie, but Jenny kept getting in the way. It felt like he hadn’t moved on yet in life; he wasn’t ready for another woman in his life. And I didn’t understand why he had to leave Marcie; when they liked each other so much, when she was trying so hard to make time for him in her busy life, couldn’t he at least have given their relationship a chance? Didn’t Marcie deserve that? In fact, Marcie came across as a strong, level-headed, emotional woman who genuinely liked Oliver.

After breaking up with Marcie, Oliver *tries* to date Joanna Stein, a woman he didn’t even care for earlier, just because he feels he ‘needs company’? Somehow, this didn’t sit well with me.

I’d say I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed reading it, for its style and flowing prose, the mush and the humour, but it didn’t leave an impression on me the way Love Story did.

My rating: 2 stars



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10 responses to “Oliver’s Story

  1. Joshi

    Read Doctors of Segal ??

  2. Decent read…would also give 2 stars.How have you been 🙂

  3. I kind of hated this book.It was too much of a disappointment after Love Story.

    As for what u asked on my blog 🙂 I pretty much read a book per day. My commute gives me lots of time to read 🙂

  4. Ava

    Same here. I didnt like this much. They say Man Woman and Child is better, but I havent read it. His other books like The Prize were ok. But nothing touches Love Story. Tht is a classic

  5. priyaiyer


    nope, i haven’t. i actually started reading ‘doctors’ some time back, but didn’t get through. should pick it up some time soon..


    welcome back!! i have been good.. how has life been treating you?


    wow, girl! lucky you!! 🙂
    i didn’t hate the book too much, but felt it was ok.. not as touching as love story..


    i have read man, woman and child and found it quite ok.. in fact, i liked the movie masoom better (it is based on man, woman and child). yet to read segal’s other books.. waiting to 🙂

  6. I didn’t even know about Oliver’s Story till I saw your post….I am tempted to read it but…..I am undecided. I absolutely adore Love Story an if this one turns out to be a damp squib I shall hate it. Have you seen the movie adaptation of Love Story?

  7. priyaiyer


    oh!! :O
    it did turn out to be a damp squib for me, but is an OK-ish light read..
    do let me know how you liked it, in case you do get around to reading it..

  8. Priya, I’m not familiar with this story (outside of your review), but I do know Love Story.

    I am adding you to my blogroll. : )

  9. priyaiyer


    welcome here!! thanks for blogrolling me… I have already added you to my blogroll!! 🙂
    do let me know how you liked oliver’s story, if you pick it up some time..

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