Poetry Corner: The Evening Was Lonely

Hey people! Hope y’all are doing good!

This week’s poetry is again by Rabindranath Tagore. I couldn’t get the sheer beauty of this poem out of my head once I read it.

The Evening Was Lonely

The evening was lonely for me, and I was reading a book till my heart became dry, and it seemed to me that beauty was a thing fashioned by the traders in words. Tired, I shut the book and snuffed the candle. In a moment the room was flooded with moonlight. Spirit of Beauty, how could you, whose radiance overbrims the sky, stand hidden behind a candle’s tiny flame? How could a few vain words from a book rise like a mist, and veil her whose voice has hushed the heart of earth into ineffable calm?

Do let me know how you found this gem of a poem.

What poetry are you reading these days?



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2 responses to “Poetry Corner: The Evening Was Lonely

  1. Kals

    Lovely poem, again. Tagore is amazing.

    Every single poem of his is a gift 🙂

  2. priyaiyer


    am glad you liked the poem!
    you are right, every poem of tagore is a gift!

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