Lake attraction!

It was on Suko’s Notebook that I saw this beautiful cover first:

I SO love this cover!! I am dying to be in place of that girl on the boat.

The book is Men And Dogs by Katie Crouch. From the synopsis on Katie’s website, it sounds like an interesting book too!

It was the spring of 1985.  Dr. Buzz Legare went on a fishing trip in the Charleston, South Carolina harbor, taking the family dog with him. They found the dog later, floating alone in the small aluminum boat, but Buzz was never seen again.

Fast forward two decades: his daughter Hannah is thirty-five with a successful business and a dedicated husband, Jon, in San Francisco.  She’s left Charleston far behind, but not the conviction that her father is alive somewhere⎯not dead, just missing.  Her obsession begins to play out in self-sabotage, culminating one night when, having royally screwed things up with Jon, she finds herself drunkenly climbing up her own fire escape—with disastrous results.

Head bandaged and heart bruised, Hannah is ordered home by her strong-willed mother, Daisy, and reluctantly welcomed by Palmer, her much more responsible brother who stayed behind.  There, she encounters rivals and ghosts from her past, including Warren, the childhood love she could never quite forget.  Enlisting his help, Hannah sets out on a quest to find out what really happened to her father so long ago.  Palmer and Daisy worry about the manic lengths she’ll go to dredge up the past.  Some family secrets, they reason, are best left buried for good.

Graced by a heroine every bit as memorable as the characters Katie Crouch introduced us to in Girls in Trucks—antic, flawed, and shrewd—Men and Dogs is a hilarious and moving novel about family, loyalty, and faith.

Did you guys like the cover?



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3 responses to “Lake attraction!

  1. Shweta

    It’s a really lovely cover. With the girl turning her face the other side , the focus is on the boat , water and the greenery behind.Looks very very peaceful .

  2. I do like this cover! Thanks again for the mention, Priya. 🙂

  3. priyaiyer


    it is a lovely cover, for sure. i would love to be in place of the girl in the boat – as i said! 🙂


    welcome!! and thanks for pointing us to this beautiful book! 🙂

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