Short story updates

Well, I realised it has been ages since I read a short story, and took immediate action to rectify the situation. It was fun going through some short stories once again (Something that I had taken to doing on a regular basis some time back!).

Here are the ones I read:

The Kiss by Guy De Maupassant

This story is in the form of a letter, from an old aunt Collette to her niece, advising her on how to love and how not to love, how to kiss and how not to kiss her man. It is quite cute, the way the aunt advises the young lass not to be too generous with her affections and to kiss in a lady-like manner. I wouldn’t say I agreed with everything, but I did enjoy reading this little story.

Available online here

Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish

This is an intriguing story about a man and his wife playing Scrabble on a hot Sunday afternoon. The man is apparently mad at his wife. It is interesting to see how the couple goes about forming words on the Scrabble board.

Available online here


I read these short stories for the 100 Shots of Short Challenge – Shot #77 and 78.

Recommendations for good short stories are warmly invited!!!



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7 responses to “Short story updates

  1. Here’s one suggestion – The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Louis Borges. Online version here –

    Did a Literature course where short stories were a part of the course and the text was a book called The Garden of Forking Paths. It was a collection of short stories – many of them very nice ones. The first story in the book was this. A suspense sort of – quite good.. 🙂 Can’t find that book or remember other stories in it 😦 Shall do some searching and see..


  2. The Nerd

    No offense meant, I am still loyal to my favourite author of all times, Sir Jeffrey Archer, and now that I know of place where I can get his book cheapest, there is all the more reason why I should make my home

  3. Hmmm…interesting stories. I am definitely going to bookmark these two links and read them soon.

  4. Priya, being a Scrabble fan I immediately went and read this story online. I will add it to my sundry short stories post. 🙂

  5. priyaiyer


    thanks a lot for the suggestion. will check it out soon 🙂

    @the nerd

    welcome here! i am yet to read anything by Jeffrey Archer. Sad, I know!
    Should check out this book sometime..


    do check them out. both are nice, especially the scrabble one.


    nice! i am a Scrabble fan as well. glad you enjoyed the story. you are most welcome to add it to your post! 🙂
    imagine if a Scrabble game really was jinxed like that!!

  6. Scrabble story was really nice.

  7. priyaiyer


    glad you liked it!! 🙂

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