Diya attraction!

This book cover called out to me from the pages of Bond With Books:

Serene waters, diyas, a boat and mystery – it all adds up to make an awesome cover for Kim Echlin’s The Disappeared.

I heart it. 🙂

Which book cover/s have been grabbing your attention lately?



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4 responses to “Diya attraction!

  1. I Googled ‘diya’ for the definition and learned that it also means deepak. Lovely cover!

  2. priyaiyer


    umm.. ‘diya’ or ‘deepak’ usually refers to small, earthen lamps which are lit using a wick and oil or ghee. and i love looking at them! 🙂

  3. One thing that struck me was the ‘e’ in ‘The’ and the ‘r’ in ‘Disappeared’ have a sort of rippled font effect – very nice synchrony intentionally or otherwise with the background ripples..


  4. priyaiyer


    yes, it’s a rather nicely done effect 🙂

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