Masinagudi Memories

The last weekend, one of my long-term dreams came true – that of staying in a cottage in the middle of a jungle and spending a day there. The better half and me drove down to Masinagudi, and we had an AMAZING time there. It was a spooky and exciting experience, at the same time.

Fortunately, the weather was beautiful for both the days of our trip and we had a lovely drive. We started long before sunrise and were hungry soon. We attacked MacD at 7.oo AM, when the poor guys were just starting shop. I had never imagined I’d eat at MacD for breakfast!!

The better half surprised me with a CD of songs specially compiled by him, and I must say, it was lovely to listen to! When we reached our resort, the scenery was too surreal to be true, but it was!

We were super excited to see the little mud cottage which was to be our home for the next two days.

Wherever the eye could see, there was bamboo, and the smell of eucalyptus permeated the air. It was an out-of-the-world feeling to lie down in the hammock with a book in hand. Yes, I always wanted to read a book in the middle of a jungle. Talk about strange dreams!

Sleeping on a rock bed was something else we’d never done bfore!

We just relaxed, read, slept, ate and talked and did nothing else. Apart from looking at the other kinds of accomodation available. The tents and tree houses looked wonderful, but too scary!

The jungle has its own mystery, its own music, its own beauty, which is very difficult to put in words. I would definitely like to explore it in further detail someday!

Night was, of course, pitch dark and we were spooked. A little light went a long way in comforting us.

The next day morning, before sunrise, we went for a safari deep inside the forest. We had an awesome guide.

We were very, very excited about seeing some wildlife but, sadly, we didn’t spot much. That was probably the only low ponint of this trip of ours. Anyways, we saw some monkeys, the Malabar Giant squirrel, some deer and elephants.

The scenery was extremely pretty, and stopped us from cribbing about the wasted safari.

We started driving back home soon after breakfast the second day, and again, we were blessed with wonderful climate. It was a joyride back home.

I fell in love with the beautiful Gulmohar trees on the way.

We struggled through heavy rain that started in the evening, and finally reached Bangalore to a warm house to rest our feet and a happy dinner, carrying loads of pretty memories, which would last us a lifetime. 🙂


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11 responses to “Masinagudi Memories

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing. The tree house looks nice 😀 I would love to stay there 🙂 And I’ve had this long time dream of reading while lying on a hammock, but that hasn’t come true yet.

  2. Priya, your photos are gorgeous. Sometimes a quick getaway is magical.

  3. excellent photos . the tree house is too good to be described.

  4. Wow! lovely post … the pics are amazing!!And reading while lying on a hammock … sigh!
    My BIL was suggesting Masinagudi trip but we couldnt make it then. I’m really tempted by the pics now 🙂 But I wonder if it is safe to go with the kids.

  5. Lovely pictures!! It definitely is a dream come true to stay in the middle of the jungle, with a book, a hammock, a coffee! Ah! The joy and the blisss! 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed the whole experience!
    Wishing you more of such wonderful vacations! 🙂

  6. priyaiyer


    it is an amazing place, for sure. you should visit it whenever possible. and yes, since ages, i too had a dream of reading a book, lying on a hammock. it came true last weekend. 🙂


    thanks, suko! glad you liked the pics. yes, a quick getaway can work wonders at times. 🙂


    thanks! yes, the tree house looked beautiful, and scary too! 🙂

  7. Hey Priya, looks like you had a nice short vacation in the woods 🙂

    Btw, the Malabar Giant Squirrel is not that easy to spot in the wild and is considered to be a good sighting on a safari…so I guess you’re safari wasn’t all that wasted 🙂

    Nice post and pictures…keep ’em coming!

  8. priyaiyer


    thanks! glad you enjoyed the post. masinagudi is totally a must-visit place. its just awesome, though i personally wouldn’t suggest taking kids along. it’s a bit risky, i feel, though the resort people tell you otherwise! 🙂

  9. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome here! yes, i agree. there are few things better than that! as you say, ah! the bliss!! 🙂
    it was an awesome vacation for sure. thanks for your wishes.


    yes, it was a great vacation indeed, though it was rather short. glad you liked the post. will sure try to keep ’em coming! 😉
    i didn’t know about the malabar giant squirrel. that means our safari was good, after all!! thanks for letting me know!! 🙂

  10. The photos are totally awesome! I have never been to Masinagudi but I have heard that it is wonderful 🙂

  11. priyaiyer


    thanks! glad you liked the post!! 🙂
    it is a lovely place! you should definitely visit, whenever possible!

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