The Life O’Reilly

The Life O’Reilly by Brian Cohen is a book about celebrating life. It is about living life to the fullest, whatever be the circumstances. It is about having the right kind of attitude, even though people around you keep trying to pull you down. It is about holding on to your dreamzs, being alive each and every moment of your life, about keeping the faith when it is very hard to. More than anything else, it is a love story, and a beautiful one at that.

I won this book at a giveaway on Suko’s blog. I couldn’t resist starting to read it the moment I received it. And I am glad I did.

The Life O’Reilly is author Brian Cohen’s debut novel. What is interesting is that it is a novel about a lawyer by a lawyer. The protagonist of the story, Nicholas O’Reilly, popularly known as Nick, is a partner in a prestigious law firm in New York. He begins every day of his life with the question – ‘What am I doing here?’ Nick hates what he’s doing – backing up rich, corporate clients and makign black look whtie. He has a boss straight from hell, who hates Nick to the core.

Nick’s firm volunteers him to handle his first pro bono case – a domestic abuse victim named Dawn Nelson. He is to represent Dawn and help her fight against her husband Jimmy and gain custody of their son, Jordan. It is in the process of helping Dawn out that Nick begins to realise the futility of what he is doing. And against legal ethics, he falls in love with Dawn!

A lot of events unfold in Nick’s life after that, which I won’t give away. I would just say that life keeps taking Nick on one roller-coaster ride after another, and Nick is able to enjoy them, with Dawn’s love and the best wishes of his family and friends beside him.

The Life O’Reilly is an emotional book. It has suspense, thrill, humour  and romance. Written in simple language, it is easy to keep turning page after page of this book, and awaiting what is going to happen next. It is easy to identify with the everyday situations that Nick goes through, and feel his emotions.

All in all, it is a book that I greatly enjoyed reading. Plus drooling at the cover. Recommended to all those who like reading heartwarming tales of everyday people who made their lives extraordinary.

Thank you so much, Brian, for sending me a copy of this book! Thanks also to Suko, for hosting this giveaway!



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5 responses to “The Life O’Reilly

  1. Priya, I love your opening paragraph! You are so right; it is a book about celebrating life, making the most out of life, and it is certainly a love story.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Excellent review. 🙂

  2. priyaiyer


    thanks!! glad you liked the review!!
    i really liked the book 🙂

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