What does a woman want?

What does a woman want? It’s a question that has bugged men for ages.  I’m not a gyaani who can demystify the desires and minds of the so-called fairer sex. I am just going to speak for myself – what I, as a woman, want.

Here goes:

~ A woman wants to feel precious. She wants to feel special. She wants to be cherished. She wants to feel like royalty, at least at times. She wants to feel like the only person in her man’s life. Sometimes she just likes to sit back and enjoy it while you pamper her. She knows there are the bills to be paid and the grocery to be bought, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to be pampered once in a while.

~ A woman craves for appreciation. If she has put in special effort into something, she expects you to notice it and appreciate it. Well, at least notice it. She wants you to notice it on your own.

~ A woman wants attention. She wants your time. She wants to feel like she comes first for you. She wants to know that she matters in her life. She wants you to say it, and mean it too. She wants to feel the smile in your voice when you’re talking to her. She wants to see the glow on your face when you are with her.

~ She wants togetherness, wherein togetherness is not sitting beside your woman in a room full of people. At times, she just wants to be with you.

~ A woman wants sincerity. She wants someone who can look into her eyes and speak up. She loves it, even if it can be difficult.

~ A woman wants romance. Sometimes, something just as simple as a meaningful touch or a hug can make her melt.

~ A woman wants a friend. She wants someone she can hang out with. She wants someone with whom she can be herself, someone who will not judge her for what she is. She wants someone to pour her heart out to, no holds barred, and wants to feel good at the end of it. Sometimes, she just wants you to listen even when she says nothing.

~ A woman wants you to just be there. She wants to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are there, waiting for her, even if the whole world turns against her.

~ A woman wants respect. She wants to be recognized and loved for her merits. She wants to feel like just she’s as capable as you. She wants her opinions to be asked for, her wishes to be taken into consideration. She would even accept constructive criticism, if it doesn’t sound blames!

~ A woman wants peace. She doesn’t want to be arguing all the time.

~ A woman wants you to defend her when she cannot. She wants you to protect her honour. She wants you to be her voice when she cannot speak.

~ A woman wants to be found attractive. She wants to be, at least occasionally, told that.

~ A woman wants space. She wants her own world, apart from the home and hearth and husband and children. She wants a place where she is known for just being herself. She wants you to at least encourage her passions, even if you don’t share them. She wants to blossom like a flower – with you!

~ A woman wants security. She wants to come home feeling that she is coming ‘home’, her nest. She wants to know that you and she will together manage to pay the bills, educate the children and put food on the table in time.

~ A woman wants you to help in the running of the house. She doesn’t always want to be the only person throwing out the garbage or cooking or sweeping and mopping. She would appreciate it if you could contribute even a little bit towards the household chores, especially if she is working too.

~ A woman wants spontaneity. She wants to be surprised. She wants to find notes in her lunch boxes and roses on the dressing table. She wants to go on spontaneous, no-planning moonlight walks and day trips. She doesn’t want everything in her life to be part of a timetable.

~ A woman wants to smile, and she wants a man who can make her.

~ A woman wants trust. She wants to trust you implicitly, and she wants you to trust her to be there too!

~ A woman wants a man to be protective of her. She wants you to want her to be there. Sometimes, she adores watching you begging her to be with you, with puppy-dog eyes. At the same time, she doesn’t want you to be clinging to her 24/7.

~ A woman wants emotion. When she’s hurting, she wants you to at least feel her hurt, if not do anything about it. Telling her that she has to face it is not very helpful. She knows that already.

~ A woman wants to see her man making an effort for her. A Rs. 10-earring or a Rs. 2 string of jasmine flowers that you’ve lovingly selected for her or a meal that you’ve made for her will matter more to her than a Rs. 100 bouquet that you had someone select for her. She’ll eat the food with tears of happiness in her eyes, if you have spent time and effort on making it for her. She loves it when you make an effort to dress up to look good for her.

~ A woman wants to feel alive. She wants her relationships to be alive and her conversations to be animated. She wants to feel the butterflies in her stomach whenever she sees you, even after being together for ages.

~ A woman wants a happy family. She wants her family, her man’s family, her kids to be happy with her. She wants to feel like she is a part of the family.

~ A woman wants good health: for herself, her man and her kids.

~ A woman wants to love you, cherish you, and spoil you rotten. Allow her to do it, even if you don’t need it.

~ A woman wants to look at you and feel she is so lucky to have you by her side. She wants to sleep beside you with a happy feeling in her heart.


This post is for the contest running at BlogAdda. The top three winners get personalised goodies from Pringoo.


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26 responses to “What does a woman want?

  1. Praveen

    For a second when I read the post title, I was like “Times of India” or “Uniquely Priya”?!
    After reading it made a LOT of sense that TOI’s article on the same title.

    And, a man just wants, a woman who wants all the above. That Mr of yours is one lucky man to have someone like you, I say. Touch wood.

    “A woman wants peace. She doesn’t want to be arguing all the time.” Wish more and more women understand this 😛

    • priyaiyer


      thanks!! 🙂
      ‘That Mr of yours is one lucky man to have someone like you, I say. Touch wood.’ – This has been conveyed to the man 😛
      LOL @ Wish more and more women understand this.

  2. very well summarised.

  3. That seems like a short list 🙂 Totally reasonable!

    Good luck with the contest.
    Here is my take – http://bale-blog-ia.blogspot.com/2010/06/kyunki-lakshmi-wants-something-too-my.html

    • priyaiyer


      welcome here!! thanks for the comment and for the wishes!! 🙂
      your take on the subject is very nice!! enjoyed it!!

  4. Really summarized nicely. After all when we are in a relation we want the other person to be happy. And if she will be happy if we can make her feel right, whats the problem. I will keep this in mind all the time. Especially // She’ll eat the food with tears of happiness in her eyes// this whole point was wonderful to read. 🙂 All the best for the contest 🙂

    • priyaiyer

      @bragadeesh prasanna

      hey!! welcome here!!
      glad you liked the post. even gladder you are willing to put in that extra effort to make your woman feel special 🙂

  5. I just can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want all of that! Why is it special to a woman!!?

    • priyaiyer


      hey!! welcome here, and thanks for the comment!! 🙂
      Well, as far as I have experienced, it is largely women who think like this. a man’s expectations are quite different; their priorities are different. of course, the basic stuff like the need for love and the need to be appreciated would remain the same for both men and women.
      that said, i would also add that this is my two cents. what I expect. what I have seen women around me wanting from the men around them. i spoke largely for myself. another woman might not have the same priorities as I do…

  6. That’s quite a list! 🙂 Good luck with the competition.

  7. And a woman above all wants a man who understands all this without it being spelt out for him 🙂
    Now if only we could educate enough men on this!

    • priyaiyer


      hey!! long time… how have you been?
      a woman above all wants a man who understands all this without it being spelt out for him – how true!! 🙂

  8. Thats a very tiny list Priya 🙂 I’m sure there is going to be a part II of this list!

    Good luck!

  9. Nicely summarized … well written points 🙂

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  11. swapna

    hey… good read! Finally I got to read your blog in peace..

    enjoyed reading most of the posts by the way.. this was esply will be handly. You know when I will take a copy of this list and hold it up front in the face of that yet unknown one. he better be quick in comprehending it all 😉 will give u due credit when it works 🙂

  12. priyaiyer


    Welcome here!! Glad you enjoyed the post!! 🙂
    Hope that unknown one is smart enough to not need this list. 😛

  13. @Priya and Swapna: Offlate many men are reading “What women want!” columns all across the webland.
    So save the trouble of holding it across men’s faces, ladies 🙂

  14. priyaiyer


    😀 well, we are putting it all on a plate and handing it to them. the only part that’s left to them is execution. 😛

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