Border Music

Robert James Waller’s Border Music is a story about going after your dreams, doing what you want to do as opposed to what you should do, and the costs that you have to bear for that. It is the story of Texas Jack Carmine, a rancher who believes in living life to the fullest. He lives in the old times of country dancing and melodious songs. The story begins when one day, he rescues a lady called Linda, whose last name is not known, popularly called Linda Lobo, from being assaulted in the club that she’s working in. And they both drive off, without a plan.

Linda and Jack spend some of the best days of their life together. Jack teaches her a lot of things, letting her hair down and enjoying life is one of those things. The ‘dancing lady’ (as Jack calls Linda) and Jack fall for each other, and Linda accompanies Jack to his Texas ranch, along with daughter Sara Margaret from a previous marriage. And then, life changes for both of them.

Border Music makes for a nice, light read and has that typical style of the author’s that I like – that old world charm and ‘different’ characters. It has that connect that you feel with the characters. I really liked the way Jack’s uncle, Vaughn Rhomer’s character, has been built – that of an old man who has always dreamt of being free, travelling to exotic places and meeting interesting people, but never had the guts to do so.

I didn’t like it as much as The Bridges Of Madison County, though. It just failed to give me the same kind of warmth. However, it did leave me with a lot of emotions and questions – Does a ‘perfect’ soulmate really exist? Is it possible to have a happy life with them? Can you really balance between your relationships and your dreams or you have to find a middle ground?

Leaving the questions aside, I would say the book is a decent read, better than Slow Waltz At Cedar Bend. Do give it a shot!



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2 responses to “Border Music

  1. God, the questions you ask are questions that will haunt us for eternity 🙂
    I have read Madison City and I think it will be hard to recreate THAT Magic 🙂

  2. priyaiyer


    hey!! welcome back!! good to see you in action again…
    I know… those questions are tough to answer.. maybe we’ll not be able to answer them even at the end of our lives.. robert james waller’s books always make me ponder over such things..
    Yes, it is hard to recreate THAT kind of magic.. 🙂 Madison County was an awesome, awesome, awesome book.

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